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A Nurse’s Lament (WW1)

When all around you is death How do you live? When all you see is sorrow How do you rejoice? When all there is, is insanity How do you remain sane? Every day is an endless parade of pain and … Continue reading

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The Knock.

It was just an ordinary day, Going along in an ordinary way. But all of it fell apart, Stopped the beat of my heart With that single knock upon the door. When a soldier goes off to war He leaves … Continue reading

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The Last Clown.

In Aleppo The Last Clown dies. A child cries. A city dies. We hear leaders’ sighs And their failed tries. When will they realise That a city isn’t a prize? Are we all so unwise That we watch a city’s … Continue reading

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How, in the darkest of nights, can you find a shining light? How can you kill in wrath and vengeance, only to find love? How can two great being’s end be the start of a wondrous future? I saw it, … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Ernie.

On the northside of Chicago Lies pure frustration’s hub. But Wrigley Field is quiet and sad As we say Farewell to Mr. Cub. A true Cubs fan stays faithful Through every error, foul, and flub. We learned to be so … Continue reading

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Veterans’ Day 2014

On the porch of a house in Fresno, a small town in Ohio, Three flags in the wind blow for veterans I know, And those I don’t know, But admire and appreciate so. World War 1, 100 years ago. World … Continue reading

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A Hello, And A Thought

Yeah, I know I said you’d hear more from me. I tried to download the entire backlog of my Email, and gave my laptop a nervous breakdown. (See? Even my computer is nuts! 😀 ) I’ll post a little something … Continue reading

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Shadows and Stardust.

Those of you who know me a little, know I’m a big sci-fi fan. Those who know me a bit more, know that I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for over 35 years. Most probably don’t know that I’m a … Continue reading

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Murphy, Go Home!

Just to let you all know I’m still alive … kinda. In light of the old Chinese blessing/curse “May you live in interesting times”, it has been a hellaciously interesting few weeks! First I fought with my ISP To get … Continue reading

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The Muse Strikes Again.

Watching an episode of “The Outer Limits” would seem strange fodder for poetic inspiration. Yet even a tale of a blind man given sight, only to see a woman in another dimension, can prod my muse into action. So here … Continue reading

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