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Memorial Day 2014.

(Sigh.) WordPress decided NOT to post this 1st thing this morning, as I had TOLD it to. WordPress is revolting! (“You said it, it stinks on ice!” 😀 ) As we pause to honour those brave veterans who gave their … Continue reading

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A Hello, And A Thought

Yeah, I know I said you’d hear more from me. I tried to download the entire backlog of my Email, and gave my laptop a nervous breakdown. (See? Even my computer is nuts! 😀 ) I’ll post a little something … Continue reading

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He’s baaa-aaack!

Contrary to popular opinion, I have not been killed, kidnapped, swallowed by a black hole, or taken back to my homeworld. Yet. (I’m kinda pissed – they’re already two weeks late. Gonna have to chew out the chief engineer – … Continue reading

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