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My 2013 in Review.

This will be the quick and dirty review of my WordPress stats. If y’all REALLY insist, I’l put up all the nitty gritty details. I did 46 posts – the exact same number as last year, so I’m up to … Continue reading

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It seems the world is steering towards putting up some kind of end-of-year post. While I will be lazy, and wait for WordPress to mail me all those stats numbers, I figured I’d drop a few stats from life in … Continue reading

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Shadows and Stardust.

Those of you who know me a little, know I’m a big sci-fi fan. Those who know me a bit more, know that I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for over 35 years. Most probably don’t know that I’m a … Continue reading

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Open For Business at Company For Christmas.

If any of you lovely people would like to chat, you can drop by C4C and find me at the page: Or just look under active chats on the homepage of Company For Christmas. Hope everybody’s having a Merry, … Continue reading

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A Special Wish.

I wanted to put this particular post under it’s own title. While open to all, it is specifically directed at a small, but particularly beloved, group of my readers. Christmas Eve should be a time for family. Too often, however, … Continue reading

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A Pardon Overdue, and A Christmas Eve Wish.

Alan Turing has been granted a Royal pardon. That probably doesn’t mean much to you, but it should for three very big reasons. Alan Turing was a cryptologist, who worked at the famous Bletchley Park in England on breaking the … Continue reading

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The Railway Man – An Unseen Recommendation.

While I’ve mentioned a number of films in the past, with brief recommendations for most, I’ve never done a single post dedicated to a film. Well, here’s the first, and it’s an odd first. I have yet to see this … Continue reading

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