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Some Notable Losses in 2016.

While this year has been rather hard on famous people, I wanted to write some kind of year-end tribute to some lesser known folk who passed this year. And since science-fiction has been so much a part of my life, … Continue reading

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I’ve Outdone Captain Kirk!

It’s rare for a fan to be able to put himself into the shoes of a beloved character from a future, fictional television show. It’s rarer still to be able to claim to have one-upped that character. But just this … Continue reading

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Why 50 Years of Star Trek?

You know, I’ve been asked that infamous question about Trek, “What has made its’ popularity last so long?”. Sure, there’s the whole thread of non-racist, inclusive characters throughout the various series. But I tend to shrink from that answer, as … Continue reading

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A Long Time Ago ….

Hah! Gotcha! Thought this was gonna be a Star Wars post, eh? Wrongo, Wookie-breath! 😉 Today, September 8, is the 50th anniversary of the debut of a little sci-fi TV series called “Star Trek”. Yes, half a century ago, Gene … Continue reading

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Happy Star Wars Day!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Put batteries in your lightsaber, dust off your stormtrooper armour, and have your wookie groomed – time to get your Star Wars groove on. (Why today, I hear some of you saying? Think … Continue reading

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By Grabthar’s Hammer, By The Suns of Worvan,…

You shall be … remembered. If you haven’t heard, Alan Rickman has died. A true loss for the entertainment community, and for everyone who loves good movies and good plays. From his early, dripping-with-elegance-and-venom Hans Gruber in “Die Hard”, to … Continue reading

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Why She, Above All?

I dream, and I am at a trial. Around are those who will judge, all beautiful ladies from around the world. Lyrical names like Kongo and Yamato, stern names such as Bismarck and Scharnhorst, practical ones like Arizona and Utah, … Continue reading

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Nope, I’m not having a stroke (yet), nor is my computer possessed. (Well, lemme get back to you on that one – the Caps Lock key has been spinning 360 degrees, and it barfed the left-arrow key up a few … Continue reading

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My Cruise To Heaven, or How I Found Grace.

Warning! This is going to be one of my recollections, prone to sidetracks and tangents. Please use the facilities, or get something to drink, or just make sure you’re settled in comfortably. (Hums a few bars of the “Star Trek” … Continue reading

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Shadows and Stardust.

Those of you who know me a little, know I’m a big sci-fi fan. Those who know me a bit more, know that I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for over 35 years. Most probably don’t know that I’m a … Continue reading

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