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Just A Quick Hello, And A Few Thoughts.

I know I keep promising to get back into things, but the chores just keep on comin’! I’m hoping to get back into the whole blogosphere over the weekend, so until then, I’ll thank all of you for your continued … Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Drummer Lee Rigby

(Note: “Last Post” is a bugle call used by the British Army in the same manner as our “Taps”.) For Drummer Lee Rigby How does a walk home turn into a death march? How does an ordinary day turn into … Continue reading

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Star Light – Or, It’s WhiteLady’s Fault

Ever since WhiteLadyInTheHood deemed my previous bit of prose a “sci-fi love poem”, that thought’s been rattling around in my skull. Unfortunately for me, the one voice among my mental chorus to latch onto it was one of the loudest … Continue reading

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Dealing With A Real Son Of A Bit.

Hey! Nope, didn’t fall off the edge of the planet. I decided, shortly after my last post, to go visit an old site I hadn’t been at for almost a year. Yep – real bad move. I ended up with … Continue reading

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The Lady’s Preview

Come join me on Thursday For a story so grand, About a Lady gone away, And lost in the sand. A long time gone past, Far across a great sea, The Lady would find A place in history. So come … Continue reading

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“A Prayer” – A Poem.

Just a little something that’s been ratting around in my head since last night. WARNING – this piece is NOT light in tone, nor mild in imagery. So, having been properly warned, I give you “A Prayer”. A Prayer Before … Continue reading

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An Update, And A Little Something.

First, for all those of you wondering if I fell off the Earth, the answer is “not quite”. Between multiple little things going on around the house, a low-level flu that keeps popping up at HIGHLY inconvenient times, and a … Continue reading

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