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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my readers in the US, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. And even if you’re in another country, take a few minutes out on Thursday, and: Be thankful for what you have. Be hopeful for the … Continue reading

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A Four-Year Miracle.

The wife was going through old posts on her cellphone this evening, and discovered an old post about our “old man” cat Stryper. He’s been with us for four years. Miracle? Well, at the time he showed up, this old … Continue reading

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Welcome To Trump’s America.

I have tried to keep my blog apolitical. I have not attacked anyone for their beliefs, and have been equally kind (I hope) to right and left alike when I have brought up politics (as in my post about having … Continue reading

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How, in the darkest of nights, can you find a shining light? How can you kill in wrath and vengeance, only to find love? How can two great being’s end be the start of a wondrous future? I saw it, … Continue reading

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Screw It, Let’s Have Some Chuckles.

I’ll be damned (literally) if I’m gonna go off all morose and stuff. I’ve had this post knocking around the old brainpan for a few days, so here goes. I’ve been watching a marathon of M*A*S*H from the weekend, and … Continue reading

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The End of This Blog is Near.

No, people, this isn’t going to be a funny post. It will not have my usual bits of humour in it. This is serious stuff. While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it looks like Trump will be our next president. … Continue reading

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Or, as John Belushi in the “Blues Brothers” would say, “Yes! Yes! Jesus H. Tap-Dancin’ Christ! I have seen the light!” What a bloody hard week it’s been. Filtering out sports updates out of my newsfeeds, changing channels to avoid … Continue reading

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