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Whew, At Last I Can BREATHE!

I have been turning colours over the past few weeks, afraid to even THINK the wrong things. Now, at last, all is back to normal. Let me explain. First, though, a few background facts. Fact one: I don’t like baseball. … Continue reading

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So Harper’s Oot, Eh?

A big win for the Liberals in Canada tonight. Can’t say I was a huge fan of the winner’s (Justin trudeau’s) father, but I think Justin will do well for Canada. I just really have only one huge, overwhelming, mind-blowing … Continue reading

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Why She, Above All?

I dream, and I am at a trial. Around are those who will judge, all beautiful ladies from around the world. Lyrical names like Kongo and Yamato, stern names such as Bismarck and Scharnhorst, practical ones like Arizona and Utah, … Continue reading

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