The Last Clown.

In Aleppo
The Last Clown dies.
A child cries.
A city dies.

We hear leaders’ sighs
And their failed tries.
When will they realise
That a city isn’t a prize?
Are we all so unwise
That we watch a city’s demise
While listening to lies
Without shock or surprise?

And yet, in Aleppo,
Through azure skies,
A lone bomb flies.
And … the Last Clown dies.

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2 Responses to The Last Clown.

  1. Archon's Den says:

    It’s a good thing you picked only Aleppo, or you’d be doing one of these every week. 😦
    Last Dance in Mosul. 😕

    • The Black Flag Mambo in Mosul. The Starvation Samba in Nigeria. The Car-Bomb Hustle in Helmand. The Soccer Sadness Salsa in Chapeco.

      We’re supposed to be in the season of celebrating peace and life. So much senseless death, instead.

      Ficar Forte, Chapecoense! (Stay strong, Chapecoense Football Club!)

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