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Memorial Weekend, 2013.

I’ve been pondering what great words of wisdom, what great and soaring concepts, what verbal imagery I could present to you for this weekend. It would, of course, be centered around remembering those in our Armed Forces who have given … Continue reading

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In Memoriam – Drummer Lee Rigby

(Note: “Last Post” is a bugle call used by the British Army in the same manner as our “Taps”.) For Drummer Lee Rigby How does a walk home turn into a death march? How does an ordinary day turn into … Continue reading

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Please Help Find Nichole – Reblog from Guapola

I have no clue how to reblog/repost stuff, but dang if that’s gonna get in my way! You can go to if you’re intelligent enough to do a reblog. Me, I’ll stick with good old copy/paste. Good luck! Please … Continue reading

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Why You Should Give A Dam

Well, I had plans for a long post, complete with pictures, but between storms screwing with my Internet last night, and another (yes, ANOTHER) foundling dog washed up on my porch this morning, my plans got sabotaged.  So here’s the … Continue reading

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My Momma Told Me To ….

I’ve mentioned to a lot of you that I have an internal chorus of voices, and that they’re the ones who steer a lot of my posts. But not this time. One single, clarion voice inspired this post. I count … Continue reading

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Remembering “The Forgotten Battle”

Many of you have heard of the great World War 2 battles that swept Europe. Many have heard of the battles that ranged across the wide Pacific Ocean. Some may have even hear about battles in North Africa, or China, … Continue reading

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Star Light – Or, It’s WhiteLady’s Fault

Ever since WhiteLadyInTheHood deemed my previous bit of prose a “sci-fi love poem”, that thought’s been rattling around in my skull. Unfortunately for me, the one voice among my mental chorus to latch onto it was one of the loudest … Continue reading

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When Irish Eyes Are Crying.

Imagine you are the child of a World War 2 veteran – not too hard, for a lot of us. Imagine growing up with that knowledge, and with all the attendant feelings. Pride, respect, and so many others, right? Try … Continue reading

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Dealing With A Real Son Of A Bit.

Hey! Nope, didn’t fall off the edge of the planet. I decided, shortly after my last post, to go visit an old site I hadn’t been at for almost a year. Yep – real bad move. I ended up with … Continue reading

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