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A Nurse’s Lament (WW1)

When all around you is death How do you live? When all you see is sorrow How do you rejoice? When all there is, is insanity How do you remain sane? Every day is an endless parade of pain and … Continue reading

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Twin Recoveries, Twin Anniversaries.

I am happy to report that my wife’s recovery continues apace, with no complications. I can also now reply to all my outstanding comments, following my laptop’s power-starvation-induced stroke – the power cord has a bad spot, occasionally causing a … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2014.

(Sigh.) WordPress decided NOT to post this 1st thing this morning, as I had TOLD it to. WordPress is revolting! (“You said it, it stinks on ice!” 😀 ) As we pause to honour those brave veterans who gave their … Continue reading

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When History Becomes Hearsay.

On this Veteran’s Day, 95 years after the end of the First World War, I’d like to touch on a slightly different topic. Rather than just joining the ranks of so many others posting “thank you” today, I’d like to … Continue reading

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How the Spirit Of Christmas Stopped A War.

In my previous post, I mentioned how the plans of Americans for a quiet Christmas were interrupted by World War 2 (or a small portion thereof). This time, I want to tell you the story of how Christmas interrupted World … Continue reading

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