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How, in the darkest of nights, can you find a shining light? How can you kill in wrath and vengeance, only to find love? How can two great being’s end be the start of a wondrous future? I saw it, … Continue reading

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I’ve Outdone Captain Kirk!

It’s rare for a fan to be able to put himself into the shoes of a beloved character from a future, fictional television show. It’s rarer still to be able to claim to have one-upped that character. But just this … Continue reading

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The Muse Strikes Again.

Watching an episode of “The Outer Limits” would seem strange fodder for poetic inspiration. Yet even a tale of a blind man given sight, only to see a woman in another dimension, can prod my muse into action. So here … Continue reading

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Star Light – Or, It’s WhiteLady’s Fault

Ever since WhiteLadyInTheHood deemed my previous bit of prose a “sci-fi love poem”, that thought’s been rattling around in my skull. Unfortunately for me, the one voice among my mental chorus to latch onto it was one of the loudest … Continue reading


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