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A Trip One-Way To The FAA.

I wish I could sweat. I’m too scared to sweat. Heck, I gotta keep reminding myself to breathe. What the heck are they gonna do to me? And is that dang clock going BACKWARDS?!? “They’re ready fer ya!” Good God, … Continue reading

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My Cruise To Heaven, or How I Found Grace.

Warning! This is going to be one of my recollections, prone to sidetracks and tangents. Please use the facilities, or get something to drink, or just make sure you’re settled in comfortably. (Hums a few bars of the “Star Trek” … Continue reading

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Grace Has Fallen From Me.

I’ll write a more complete entry tomorrow,. but it is my heart-wrenching duty to inform you of the passing of Grace Lee Whitney, Yeoman Janice Rand in the original Star Trek, and my personal dream girl. She has died at … Continue reading

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