A Baseball Prayer

Lord, I thank you for another at-bat,
Before I lay down my head.
Perhaps tomorrow won't be a strike-out.
Maybe a single or double instead.

I'm down in the very bottom of the seventh,
And batting way below .318
I still keep swinging best as I can, 
Though a home-run I doubt will be seen.

But I still have a bit of life to go
Before this whole game is through.
I still hope to go on the road to Chi-town
And see Wrigley a time or two.

So Lord, please hear my baseball prayer,
Before I go to sleep 'neath the loam.
Let me hear the crack of ball and bat
And arrive, at the end, safe at home.

What you get when a homesick Chicagoan is watching Ken Burns' baseball documentary.😉
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