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Twilight Music.

The evening sky is indigo, shot through with streaks of crimson. The clamour of the crowd is omnipresent. A guide tries to shoo me, but my resolution sends him off, baffled. I know where and why I am here. She … Continue reading

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15 Years Later – What To Say?

All of us Americans know what today is, and what it marked 15 years ago. Nothing I can say will add or detract from that event, or to peoples’ suffering all these years later. But perhaps my own weird, warped … Continue reading

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Why 50 Years of Star Trek?

You know, I’ve been asked that infamous question about Trek, “What has made its’ popularity last so long?”. Sure, there’s the whole thread of non-racist, inclusive characters throughout the various series. But I tend to shrink from that answer, as … Continue reading

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A Long Time Ago ….

Hah! Gotcha! Thought this was gonna be a Star Wars post, eh? Wrongo, Wookie-breath! 😉 Today, September 8, is the 50th anniversary of the debut of a little sci-fi TV series called “Star Trek”. Yes, half a century ago, Gene … Continue reading

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An Unknown Hero You Should Know.

On Monday, Joe Hosteen Kellwood died. He was a Marine Corps vet who served in the Pacific during World War 2. That might sound like enough for him to be remembered, but there is one more thing that made him … Continue reading

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