Just Checking In, And A Brief Mention of Leonard.

I’ll post a proper send-off to Leonard Nimoy sometime tomorrow. Today has been a twin pain in the butt. First, we get rid of the neighbor couple who have been harassing us non-stop for the post several months, including filing false reports with the dog warden (which got them in trouble with the police – dumb-ass rednecks) and the police, and trying repeatedly to catch me when I’m outside so the husband could attack and try to beat me up – hence my silence since before Christmas, despite finally getting most of my PC problems fixed. Then some guy shows up this afternoon after they left, passing himself off as a real-estate rep, and proceeds to first accuse me of trying to break into the now-empty house across the drive, then telling me we have NO right to the driveway (yes, THAT problem again), then threatening to come over and beat me up! I’m really starting to think I need some live rounds for some of my WW2 toys….

Not to mention a bad 3-week spate of headaches. PLEASE don’t mention them! A real round of skull-crackers, rendering my mental capacities to the level of half-set Jello. Just the thing to go along with crazy neighbors.

Until we meet again, as our sadly recently-passed Mr. Nimoy was famous for saying, may you all Live Long and Prosper.

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How To Set The Bar REAL Low!

Here’s a quick giggle for you. I was checking out news stories, and clicked on a link for a rather non-descriptive headline. So I go to http://www.osundefender.org. It’s a newspaper in Nigeria – according to their proud banner, “The 6th Most Visited Newspaper Website In Nigeria”.

Are you freaking KIDDING me?!? SIXTH?!? And you’re PROUD of this?!?

Guess all those Nigerian princes wiring money to the US can’t be wrong, eh? :D

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Goodbye, Ernie.

On the northside of Chicago
Lies pure frustration’s hub.
But Wrigley Field is quiet and sad
As we say Farewell to Mr. Cub.

A true Cubs fan stays faithful
Through every error, foul, and flub.
We learned to be so steadfast
From the spirit of Mr. Cub.

Though decades pass without a win
For our beleaguered club,
And though they oft leave our patience
Worn to a nub,
We shall always love our Northside boys
And cheer from every pub.
So Rest in Peace, dear Ernie Banks.
Farewell, our friend, Mister Cub.

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Je Suis Charlie Hebdo

To believe in a religious faith is fine. To get angry when someone pokes fun at it is acceptable. To murder someone over a cartoon transcends asinine, overreaches obscene, and vaults directly to despicable. And to kill almost half of a satire magazine’s staff, then to walk over to a prostrate wounded police officer and shoot him to death, goes beyond even my rich vocabulary to condemn. This isn’t revenge for Mohammed, this isn’t Islam triumphing over Christianity, this is just one thing – cowardice that should make the heavens themselves open up and strike down the loathsome wastes of DNA that assaulted the offices of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Today, I Am Charlie Hebdo. We should all be Charlie Hebdo. And we must make sure that freedom of expression, no matter how loathsome some may find it, should continue unabated.

We owe those who perished today, nothing less. Je suis Charlie Hebdo.

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Still Here – Sort Of.

Just a quick note to let you all know I’m still around. My PC problems were mostly solved, save for re-establishing contact with my Email (so I could respond to comments, mainly), when my on-again-off-again pancreatitis returned with a vengeance. I thought I had it whipped a few weeks ago, but after a miserable 8-day head-cracking migraine, the guts went nuts – again. Believe me, a diet of toast, cheese and crackers, and PBJ sandwiches gets REAL boring after several weeks.

One sad note before I sign off for 2014. Edward Hermann has passed. While he has a fairly extensive filmography, I will always remember his mellifluous baritone narration on so many History Channel shows of the 90s and 2000s. A very talented and highly intelligent man, he didn’t just narrate, he narrated with emotion and caring in his voice. A sad loss indeed.

Well, to those of you east of me, hope you had a Happy New Year. To those south and west, may you have a Happy New Year. And while it might take a bit, I do have plans to be back – soon, I hope!

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Veterans’ Day 2014

On the porch of a house in Fresno,
a small town in Ohio,
Three flags in the wind blow for veterans I know,
And those I don’t know,
But admire and appreciate so.

World War 1, 100 years ago. World War 2, 75 years ago. The 2nd Gulf War yet to go.
Will we ever learn?
I hope so …. but I don’t know.

Thanks to all who serve, and have served, all around this world.

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A Picture Worth More Than Words


This is an editorial “cartoon” fromĀ  cartoonist Bruce MacKinnon , done for Halifax’s The Chronicle Herald earlier today. I felt this needed to be seen as widely as possible. For those unfamiliar with the war memorial in Ottawa, the soldiers depicted on the memorial are reaching down to Corporal Nathan Cirillo, with one of the statue’s soldiers kneeling by him as he died. Corporal Cirillo was the young soldier from Hamilton’s Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders who was so coldly and cowardly murdered on Wednesday.

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