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Some Notable Losses in 2016.

While this year has been rather hard on famous people, I wanted to write some kind of year-end tribute to some lesser known folk who passed this year. And since science-fiction has been so much a part of my life, … Continue reading

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Like Daughter, Like Mother.

Or, please God, get 2016 over with NOW! Yep, the grim news keeps on rolling in. One day after Carrie Fisher died, her mother Debbie Reynolds has died. From “Singin’ In The Rain” to playing Grace’s mother on “Will and … Continue reading

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The Day The Music Died.

A long, long time ago, a song spoke of “the day the music died”. While that tune focused purely on American acts, I would state that for a large share of the world (the US included), Christmas Day 2016 was … Continue reading

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A Day Of Infirmity.

Sorry folks, I had a nice post for today, just needing a few details added before posting today. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling like … Amish buggy exhaust, and just keep feeling worse. I’ll try to get that post out … Continue reading

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The Night Before That Infamous Day

Yes, it’s almost here, the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. I’ll have a special post for y’all tomorrow, but rather than dwell on the sadness and loss, I thought I’d give you some of the … less … Continue reading

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The Knock.

It was just an ordinary day, Going along in an ordinary way. But all of it fell apart, Stopped the beat of my heart With that single knock upon the door. When a soldier goes off to war He leaves … Continue reading

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The Last Clown.

In Aleppo The Last Clown dies. A child cries. A city dies. We hear leaders’ sighs And their failed tries. When will they realise That a city isn’t a prize? Are we all so unwise That we watch a city’s … Continue reading

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