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A Baseball Prayer

Lord, I thank you for another at-bat, Before I lay down my head. Perhaps tomorrow won’t be a strike-out. Maybe a single or double instead. I’m down in the very bottom of the seventh, And batting way below .318 I … Continue reading

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Tohoku Plus Ten

Where were you, when the water came, And took it all away? What did you see, when the water came, And rendered our world all gone? Where have you been, since the water came? Rebuilding day by day. Where will … Continue reading

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Hell – What An Odd Place.

(Note: This is about Hell, the religious place, not the town of Hell, Michigan. You know, the one just down the road from Climax. Which, yes, can be reached directly from Intercourse, Pennsylvania. The fact that Intercourse leads to Climax … Continue reading

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Helm, Hard About!

(Sits here grinning, letting the readers wonder that the HELL he’s gonna talk about.) I know I promised you guys a brief history of my past 3 years while I was MIA, but the more I tried to write something, … Continue reading

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Post 2 Of The Great Redux

Just a quick one here, folks. I’m so exhausted answering the thousands … um, hundreds? …. dozens? … Okay, okay, the less than 6 responses! (How many? A gentleman never tells – and I won’t, either. :p ) I’ll try … Continue reading

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Hey, It’s Good To Be Back Again!

(Sorry, Mr. Denver, I couldn’t resist.) Hey Ho! It’s me again! Nope, not dead (though it was close a year ago thanks to Covid), not off to my homeworld (just a brief vacay before I came back to DiseaseWorld), but … Continue reading

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This is a little work inspired by DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow. If you aren’t watching it already (and why the heck NOT?!?), this could be an internal monologue for the lead female character, who DC & CW allowed to be … Continue reading

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Still Here.

Yeah, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the world. It’s just been a long and weird winter/spring shift. We’ve had record high daytime temperatures and record low night temps withn 24 hours of each other. I’ve been having to … Continue reading

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A Nurse’s Lament (WW1)

When all around you is death How do you live? When all you see is sorrow How do you rejoice? When all there is, is insanity How do you remain sane? Every day is an endless parade of pain and … Continue reading

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Some Notable Losses in 2016.

While this year has been rather hard on famous people, I wanted to write some kind of year-end tribute to some lesser known folk who passed this year. And since science-fiction has been so much a part of my life, … Continue reading

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