A Nurse’s Lament (WW1)

When all around you is death
How do you live?

When all you see is sorrow
How do you rejoice?

When all there is, is insanity
How do you remain sane?

Every day is an endless parade of pain and death,
Every night is a drab montage of loss and sorrow,
Every breath is harder than the last, and yet ….

I will live, and smile, and be a rock of calm,
Not for myself.

For the boys.

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1 Response to A Nurse’s Lament (WW1)

  1. Archon's Den says:

    For better or verse, those are some deep, serious thoughts.
    Our local paper does a 100-year memorial each week, about the boys who went over – and those who never came back. Hold them in our thoughts. 😦

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