A Long Time Ago ….

Hah! Gotcha! Thought this was gonna be a Star Wars post, eh? Wrongo, Wookie-breath! 😉

Today, September 8, is the 50th anniversary of the debut of a little sci-fi TV series called “Star Trek”. Yes, half a century ago, Gene Roddenberry’s great gift to us all began its’ all-too-brief run on TV. Who would’ve thought, 50 years later, that it would have spawned an animated series, a whole slew of movies (including the current piles of crap with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto), four TV series (and a fifth one in the works),  and countless board games, computer games, books, magazines, fan fiction, and a real-life version of the show’s quasi-military organisation, Starfleet Command? (I’ll tell you all about my run-ins with those …. life forms. Scared the hell outta me, and I’m a rabbid Trekkie!)

I’ll try to post a few thoughts later on Thursday (after I’ve tried to get some sleep), but I just wanted to remind my faithful readers (all what, 3 of you?) of a truly great landmark. Let’s see George Lucas going strong in 2027 with HIS … oh wait, he already sold out to Disney. (Insert raspberry here.) So enjoy the gift from the Great Bird of the Galaxy, and I’ll close by wishing this day brings you peace and long life. Beam me up, Scotty! 😀

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5 Responses to A Long Time Ago ….

  1. Archon's Den says:

    I just saw ‘Star Trek Beyond.’ It was….fun, but it wasn’t the REAL Star Trek.
    I’m composing a book review of one of E.E. (Doc) Smith’s early space operas. I’m going to draw a line, not necessarily straight, through Robert Heinlein, and onward to Gene Roddenberry. 😀

    • Man, I feel so inadequate here, I’ve never read any of E. E. Smith! I spent most of my sci-fi reading time on more modern authors. I love the whole Hammer’s Slammers sting by David Drake (he is one truly kick-ass writer), and there’s a triad about Texas seceding from the Union and rebuilding the U.S.S. Texas with railguns and lasers – DeLancie, I think was the author’s last name. And there’s a great series about an intergalactic truck, driven by a guy kinda like the lead guy in the Firefly TV series in behaviour, and assisted by his dead father as the truck’s computer. Daniel DeChancie, if I recall correctly. If it’s “hard” sci-fi (lotsa tech), I’m usually there.

      And don’t forget Gene was a cop for a while. Hence the Original Series having Starfleet as more of a “community service” force, rather than the more militant air it has taken on in the more recent series – despite his what, 88 or 89 Air Force combat missions?

      • Aw crap, forgot to mention – if you get BBC America on your cable/satellite, they are running TOS on Fridays, in their completely remastered entire episodes! Man, I remember the crappy graphics during the war game in the episode “The Ultimate Computer”, simply being one shot of the Enterprise overlapped three more times to make the four “enemy” ships. The remastered episode actually has ships maneuvering and firing at each other! COOL!

  2. Archon's Den says:

    Happy Anniversary! 😕 😉

    • Belatedly Thanks! My record for malfunctioning PCs still stands at 100% – my latest laptop developed a hiccup where the overheating battery would cause it to shut down. Well, it hiccuped AND ate my entire Email again. So I’m a little behind in answering comments. Apologies.

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