Tohoku Plus Ten

Where were you, when the water came,
And took it all away?

What did you see, when the water came,
And rendered our world all gone?

Where have you been, since the water came?
Rebuilding day by day.

Where will you be, when the water comes?
Right here.

For all those, here and gone, who experienced the Tohoku Earthquake and the Fukushima tsunami.
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4 Responses to Tohoku Plus Ten

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Lovely remembrance!
    I was at home at the time, pedantically picking a bushel of nits. The news reported heavy damage on the Pacific coast…. like Japan has an Atlantic coast.
    I count myself lucky. I’m 800 miles from the ocean, and 750 feet above it. I’m 100 miles from the nearesr Great Lake, and 100 feet above it. I’m safe from floods, but I’ll probably get hit by a meteor. 😉 😆

    • I have to admit, our place (for all its’ failings) is pretty flood-safe, too. The town did flood back around 1900 – the 2-story building that houses apartments and the post office actually took a few feet of water, but our side of the street was high and dry (there are some old photos of the event). The house I grew up in, the house itself never took water, but we used to paddle our canoe around the 2-acre backyard during several flood events. 😲

      But don’t you have things other than meteors up there in the Great White North? What aboot moose stampedes? 😉😁

      • Archon's Den says:

        Not many moose stampedes. They’re more loner and grumpier that even I am. I did get a wrong-number text, “Can we use your pool? There’s a moose in ours. 😉 😯

      • So you’re saying if I install a pool down here, I’ll get a moose? COOL!!! I gotta start digging first thing tomorrow! A pet moose would be MUCH cooler than a goat – all due respects to good ol’ Blackjack, bless his smelly old soul. 🙏

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