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In Memoriam – Drummer Lee Rigby

(Note: “Last Post” is a bugle call used by the British Army in the same manner as our “Taps”.) For Drummer Lee Rigby How does a walk home turn into a death march? How does an ordinary day turn into … Continue reading

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Star Light – Or, It’s WhiteLady’s Fault

Ever since WhiteLadyInTheHood deemed my previous bit of prose a “sci-fi love poem”, that thought’s been rattling around in my skull. Unfortunately for me, the one voice among my mental chorus to latch onto it was one of the loudest … Continue reading

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Dealing With A Real Son Of A Bit.

Hey! Nope, didn’t fall off the edge of the planet. I decided, shortly after my last post, to go visit an old site I hadn’t been at for almost a year. Yep – real bad move. I ended up with … Continue reading

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The Lady’s Preview

Come join me on Thursday For a story so grand, About a Lady gone away, And lost in the sand. A long time gone past, Far across a great sea, The Lady would find A place in history. So come … Continue reading

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“A Prayer” – A Poem.

Just a little something that’s been ratting around in my head since last night. WARNING – this piece is NOT light in tone, nor mild in imagery. So, having been properly warned, I give you “A Prayer”. A Prayer Before … Continue reading

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An Update, And A Little Something.

First, for all those of you wondering if I fell off the Earth, the answer is “not quite”. Between multiple little things going on around the house, a low-level flu that keeps popping up at HIGHLY inconvenient times, and a … Continue reading

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