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A Four-Year Miracle.

The wife was going through old posts on her cellphone this evening, and discovered an old post about our “old man” cat Stryper. He’s been with us for four years. Miracle? Well, at the time he showed up, this old … Continue reading

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Musings On Death And Life.

We are odd creatures, we humans. We know that our lives, that ALL lives, are finite. We know that everyone we know will die, that everything we love will eventually cease to be. The old saying “No one gets out … Continue reading

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And Now I Know Where God Went.

In my previous post this evening, I was mulling if God was still out there. I know now He is, and He’s got one more very special angel. Our little cat Frosty, of the huge eyes and the single daughter … Continue reading

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Cat Math, or Feline Freakout Formula

Our algebra problem for tonight: Take one outside cat, represented by “C”. Take one house, with a basement, “B-sub-H”. Take one window in basement, “W (B-sub-H)”. Add one person, waving at cat, “J”. Therefore, C + (J * W (B-sub-H)) … Continue reading

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A Trip One-Way To The FAA.

I wish I could sweat. I’m too scared to sweat. Heck, I gotta keep reminding myself to breathe. What the heck are they gonna do to me? And is that dang clock going BACKWARDS?!? “They’re ready fer ya!” Good God, … Continue reading

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A Reflective Friday.

First off, my apologies for not having posted more recently. Things have been a bit nuts here, plus I’ve been feeling kinda lousy for various reasons. But I have plenty more posts to come, most of them quite funny and … Continue reading

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