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Shadows and Stardust.

Those of you who know me a little, know I’m a big sci-fi fan. Those who know me a bit more, know that I’ve been a Doctor Who fan for over 35 years. Most probably don’t know that I’m a … Continue reading

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My Thanksgiving Gift – A Bit Early.

I’m sure some of you will have family shindigs to attend tomorrow, and others far braver than I will be engaging in that no-holds-barred warfare known as holiday shopping. So here’s my Thanksgiving salute to one and all, whether you … Continue reading

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Um … Yeah, It’s One Of THOSE Posts Again.

Well, this time, I’m just gonna give ya the highlights. Last Thursday night, my wife got really sick. Nothing life-threatening (technically), just one of those barf-n-squirt stomach bugs. Things got nuts as I took on taking care of the house … Continue reading

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An Unusual, But Urgent, Request.

My regular readers know that I try to avoid “heavy” topics. Sure, I’ll memorialise our veterans and sing their praises. But otherwise, I try to keep things humourous and light around here. But today, I find myself having to do … Continue reading

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You Have to See This.

The photo you see below this text is of Josh Hargis, an Army Ranger recently severely wounded in a major firefight in Afghanistan. His Commanding Officer was presenting him with a Purple Heart, the US Army decoration for soldiers wounded … Continue reading

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Rumours Of My Passing…..

…have been only slightly exaggerated. I’ll start with an apology to my regulars, folks who comment here and who I (used to) annoy regularly. My absence was unplanned, but I should have dropped some kind of status report. For my … Continue reading

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My Karma Did NOT Run Over My Dogma, and Eight Ain’t Enough!

Well, another week of chaos and confusion. For once, though, luck broke my way. I’ve been mowing the empty house next door’s front yard, all 12′ x 15′ of it, just to keep things from looking seedy. Landlord showed up … Continue reading

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The Week From Hell (Literally)…

Or, the reports of my death are only SLIGHTLY exaggerated. This is one of two posts coming up. The second one will be my much-delayed sharing of Sam’s silliness. With some very interesting recent additions – yesterday. my wife met … Continue reading

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Well, God Bless, Sam.

I had hoped that my next post would be a triumphant return, following an enforced absence due to a lot of stuff in real life consuming a great amount of time. Sadly, it isn’t. Our Mastiff, Sam, died about 45 … Continue reading

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Please Help Find Nichole – Reblog from Guapola

I have no clue how to reblog/repost stuff, but dang if that’s gonna get in my way! You can go to if you’re intelligent enough to do a reblog. Me, I’ll stick with good old copy/paste. Good luck! Please … Continue reading

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