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Stuff I Find Funny – Your Humor May Vary

Just A Quick Hello, And A Few Thoughts.

I know I keep promising to get back into things, but the chores just keep on comin’! I’m hoping to get back into the whole blogosphere over the weekend, so until then, I’ll thank all of you for your continued … Continue reading

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Dealing With A Real Son Of A Bit.

Hey! Nope, didn’t fall off the edge of the planet. I decided, shortly after my last post, to go visit an old site I hadn’t been at for almost a year. Yep – real bad move. I ended up with … Continue reading

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Fox Is The BEST Entertainment.

So, here I sit on a Sunday evening, watching Columbus’s Fox affiliate attempt to forecast an incoming storm. Now, these guys are as accurate as a blind sniper with a bent rifle barrel, so they have that goin’ for them, … Continue reading

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3 Things For Today, And Salute to MLK.

Just a few things, to let y’all know I am really still out here. 1) Later today, swing by Rarasaur’s blog, for another of my wacky adventures in the world of science-fiction conventions: And a big “thank you” to … Continue reading

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An I.O.U For A Weeble’s Birthday Ode

I had intended a sterling post Replete with metaphors galore To send Madame Weebles a birthday toast In return for hers a fortnight before. But my headaches had more Of intrusion in store Then aught for which I was ready. … Continue reading

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My 2012 Results (Or, Even An Idiot Can Get Lucky!)

I’m gonna keep this short, but I just wanted to present some of the stats from WordPress for this little insane corner of the blogging world. Per WordPress’s hyperbole: “600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This … Continue reading

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4 For My Nuts.

Or, Why I Say “Nuts” For Several Reasons Welcome to December 22nd. The day on which I stand proudly in front of the world and proclaim “Nuts!” for several reasons. 1) Because I am, completely, certifiably, and irrevocably crazy. But … Continue reading

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A Friday Quickie.

It has been brought to my attention that some of my loyal readers may be heading out of town, or otherwise unable to access my sterling prose. (Cough. 😉 ) Therefore, I thought I’d just post a quick note on … Continue reading

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