Like Daughter, Like Mother.

Or, please God, get 2016 over with NOW!

Yep, the grim news keeps on rolling in. One day after Carrie Fisher died, her mother Debbie Reynolds has died. From “Singin’ In The Rain” to playing Grace’s mother on “Will and Grace” and pretty much everything in between, it would take an entire server to list what Debbie Reynolds accomplished. So I’ll just keep this short and sweet, and not belabour this already sad news any further.

The night sky is brilliant tonight, for a daughter’s star has been joined by her mother’s supernova. Shine on, dear ladies, we’ll love all your works forever.

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3 Responses to Like Daughter, Like Mother.

    • You know, I’ve heard a lot of people say there is no such thing as dying of a broken heart. When I was growing up, my father received an in-house Bell System magazine that had an obituary section in the back. I cannot begin to count the number of times there was an entry for a wife who died within weeks, if not days, of their lifelong husbands. Can’t die of a broken heart? Bull – tell it to Debbie Reynolds.

      And I know it’s inevitable, but more and more, the famous people dying were parts of my childhood or adult life. Debbie was a household icon around my folks’ house, well-watched and well-loved. I loved Carrie not just for “Star Wars” but for her hilarious turn in “The Blues Brothers”. I grew up listening to Wham!, and can sing “Careless Whisper” from memory. I feel like my entire entertainment backstory is falling to pieces before my eyes.

      Helluva a way to end a year.

  1. Archon's Den says:

    My Dad swore he’d remain alive to take care of my Mom. She was 7 years older than him (92/85), had had a stroke, and was in the same nursing home. After she passed, 11 days later he ‘let go’, and joined her.
    There’s no business like Show Business, because they’re all passing away. 😦

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