Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my readers in the US, here’s wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. And even if you’re in another country, take a few minutes out on Thursday, and:

Be thankful for what you have.
Be hopeful for the future.
Cherish the past (I got quite the reminder that I’ll share in a week or so).
Hug a friend – even if he does support Donald Trump. (Hey, Tommy! C’mere! :D)

And may you all have a wonderful, love-filled, family-gathered day! (Or if you hate your in-laws, there’s some good marathons on SyFy Channel and BBC America! 😉 )

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3 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. tom says:

    Happy thanksgiving to you and yours. In your honor I will suspend hero worshiping of The Donald for one day.

  2. Archon's Den says:

    I’m thankful we don’t have The Donald up here. Of course, what we do have, is a less honest liar. 😦 Oh well, pass the stuffing. 😀

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