The End of This Blog is Near.

No, people, this isn’t going to be a funny post. It will not have my usual bits of humour in it. This is serious stuff.

While it hasn’t been confirmed yet, it looks like Trump will be our next president. If that happens, it is the end of this blog, and quite likely my wife and I. Hyperbole? Nope, and here’s why.

  1. Obamacare covers my every-3-months doctor visit and my meds. Without it, which Trump has sworn to end, I have no way to pay for my meds. I cannot live without my medications, period.
  2. Our electric bill is subsidised as we are low-income home owners. Without that subsidy, we can’t afford A/C in the summer. Without A/C, my headaches will be hugely worse, and it will be very difficult to heat this house.
  3. My wife’s income would have given us retirement money with a pay raise, even if not the full $15/hour that Hillary had talked about. With Trump, her raises will be next to nothing, far too little to cover our sharply increased costs due to cancelled assist programs. No retirement savings to fall back on, so basically, we’re flat-ass broke and will have to sell this house, for money just to live.

Not to mention the economic depression which will hit this area that is highly dependent on welfare, food stamps, and other state and federal aid. This area of Ohio will lose BIG amounts of money, yet these assholes voted for Trump. (No apologies for the language – I am sick to my stomach and headache-racked right now).

So if tomorrow ends up with the US under Trump, I will be signing off. We’re going to have to start cutting costs immediately. No Internet, no satellite TV for news or to keep me sane, we’ll even have to ration our power use. I won’t be able to talk to you again, to write my silly posts or make stupid comments on your blogs. I’ll miss you guys, all of you, even the silent readers who just dropped me likes.

I am so ashamed to call myself an American. The USA has committed a gross act of stupidity. And I’m gonna have to pay for it. I don’t know what else to say. See you all tomorrow, one way or the other.

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19 Responses to The End of This Blog is Near.

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Oh dear John. I knew things were tight for you, but didn’t realize you were that close to the line. The best that we can hope for, is that, like our recently elected Prime Minister who promised all kinds of things, and has already reneged on most of them in his first year, Trump will break many of his campaign promises, or have his advisors show him that they’re really poor choices. 😦 😯

    Things were tough enough in the blogosphere when you were off the air for months because of technical problems. I am only one of dozens who will miss you and your knowledge and wit. I’m hoping for the best for you. 🙂

    • We are hoping for the best – i.e., Trump simply being bombastic and BS-riddled. We have a couple of months until inauguration, so hopefully we’ll see a little more sanity from the GOP. I ain’t holding my breath, though. And yes, it’s been the various state and federal aid we get that has kept us going. Without it, we’ll have 3 months tops, then it’s time to sell the house and move into the low-rent housing in town, amid all the drunks and wife-beaters – you know, the types I’ve been chasing out of the house across the shared driveway since we moved in. We will get one more visit to the doc for meds for both of us,, plus the 3 months until the GOP could start to screw with things.

      Suffice to say, the next few months aren’t going to be very happy. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our engagement-anniversary on New Year’s Eve, all shot to Hell. Sorry, the old sense of humour is pretty much DOA.

    • Hey, wait a second. Get yer butt back here, Archon. Did you … did you have the unmitigated gall to actually “Dear John” me? Seriously? I spend more weekends of my life than most Army recruits, running around in the woods, eating cold meals and either freezing my butt off or sweating it off, with enough gear on my back to build a house, and you hit ME with a “Dear John” letter? My life is headed for the great swirl in the sky, and you slap one of the WORST military jokes in all of HISTORY on me?!?

      That’s it. Now I AM gonna move to Canada, just to hunt you down and pun you to death. (Can you believe this guy? “Dear John”? I gotta go ask Rants if he still has connections with Army close air support – or a half dozen 155mm guns whose crews need practise with incendiary rounds. 😛 😉 )

      • Archon's Den says:

        Don’t they have punctuation in your section of Ohio??! That was ‘oh dear….comma….John.

        If you can make it across the border before Trump starts building the wall, we’ve got some nice socialized medicine and a warm basement waiting for you. You’ll have to register all puns at the border….no, wait, that’s guns.

      • They better register the puns. Those are far more deadly in my aging, trembling hands. And your comma got lost at the border – must’ve been one of those Mexican rapist commas…..

      • Archon's Den says:

        Oh dear, John, There wasn’t a comma in the first comment, and I missed the closing single quotation mark in the second. Forget the 155s….you can bombard me with old grammar texts, or OTC memory-enhancing pills. I’m sure they exist, because I got a phish the other day about pills that Steven Hawking takes to make him smarter. 😳

  2. Elyse says:

    Oh John. Oh America. Oh shit. I pray that we will wake up from our likely to be very very long and bloody (and I do mean bloody) nightmare soon.

    Godspeed, John. I don’t know what else to say.

    • I think your first six words will make a great summary in (hopefully just) 4 years. Meanwhile, thanks for the thoughts. We’ve got about 3 months to prepare, and will follow that old saying, “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. With any luck, hope will trump Trump.

  3. As a Canadian I am shattered as well and could only stand as a witness and cheer you on… to no avail and now you and the world will pay dearly for this madness. The mere thought of him makes me literally nauseous. All I can do is to suggest you consider moving to Mexico.. I know of ex-pats there that have a good life on very little and their health care reasonable. I realize it isn’t to the standards in the US but since you can’t afford that anyway… some is better than nothing. Anyway, i am sorry for your lose.

    • Sorry I’m just getting back to you, it seems the WP “spam” bucket is eating a bunch of my previously-approved people. I have given some thought to a Mexico move – I do speak (horrifically) Spanish, and could probably find some kind of handyman employment. One problem, though, is the heat triggers my migraines, so I’d prefer going to somewhere colder, like the Arctic wastes of frozen Canada – you know, Ottawa or Hamilton or one of those frozen climes. (Hey, it’s hard to keep my wiseguy humour in check. 😀 ) But seriously, thanks for your concern. Maybe Trump won’t be all that bad ….

      • hahahahaha good luck with that. Too bad about the heat issue. I’m rooting for you guys as is most of Canadians.

      • John you may have seen this already but just in case check this out. One more post hoping to maximize the reach of the message from my friend Jg Fisher in Oakland, California, USA #Obamacare #ACA

        I have family depending on the ACA for medical care which is keeping them alive. This ‘plan’ the speaker has would likely result in the deaths of people I love. NO! ” If you have health insurance through the ACA (aka Obamacare), or know anyone who does, and/or think that it should not be repealed, please hold your nose and call Paul Ryan. He’s conducting a phone poll on the ACA (Obamacare), hoping to hear overwhelming popular opposition to it. But hell no. It’s why literally millions of people have access to health insurance, and we’re not going to let it go without a fight. Call (202) 225-3031. If you can’t get through right away, call back again.

  4. aFrankAngle says:

    John … no … Dear John … after all, Archon got under your skin with that one.

    I see your point … and understand it to a degree. But not yet … wait. Maybe the wisdom stick will strike a few … I know it’s a long shot, but let your wit carry you a bit more. Hang in there.

    • Like i said to Elyse, we do have a short bit of time to prep, so we’re gonna get as much medical stuff taken care of as we can before any hatchets can drop. We do have a few options here, as well – and if all else fails, Archon may just have to clean up that basement for us. (I’d put a smiley face here, but there may end up being more truth to that than ANY of us wants to ponder.)

      • aFrankAngle says:

        Good luck and keep your sense of humor. … PS … Thanks for responding because I wasn’t sure if you would.

      • I try to respond all the time, even though I don’t always succeed. Let’s just say last night was NOT the best night of my family’s life, and for the next few months, it’s gonna be … interesting.

  5. tom says:

    Whoa John, the guy doesn’t even take office until January. The list of Horribles comes from campaign operatives. He only said that he wants to replace Obama Care not eliminate ealthcare.
    Wages come from supply and demand and if he can improve the economy wages will go up rather than stagnate like the last 8 years. I think he deserves a chance as he won the election despite heavy media hostle fire.

    • The problem I have with him (and the other GOPers) is that they want to repeal Obamacare, yet I have heard absolutely nothing about replacements. It’s easy to say something is bad – the assistance with our electricity offends the SHIT outta me because it doesn’t reward conservation even though we still subscribe to it – but figure out a fix BEFORE you blow things up. And yes, I realise the January inauguration, but that is the three months’ grace I was talking about. I’ll give you the supply/demand argument – the raise I was talking about was Hillary’s push on the minimum wage. Yeah, $15 in one shot is excessive, I agree with you there. But with Trump, I not only see no push to raise the national minimum, but based on early world markets, I don’t see a lot of hope for the economy. Oddly enough, a bad world reaction could actually help the wife and I, since if the domestic economy shrinks, Wal-Mart becomes a favourite shopping place, so we kind of have the economy end-stopped both ways! (No, I really am NOT that clever, but sometimes crap does fall in my favour.)

      I’m personally hoping for the omnipresent inertia on Capitol Hill to staunch the worst of the changes. Other than that, well, we’ll see. As I’ve said above, prep for the worst, hope for the best.

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