Gah! I’ve Got Chick Cancer!

No, no, I’m not sick (anymore than usual), the title is a reference to a “Family Guy” epsiode, in which the lead character finds himself enjoying “chick flicks”.

Now, you must realise I still love my sci-fi. There’s always room for a good adventure flick, and war movies will always have a place in my heart. But I’ve realised that, ever so slowly, I’ve started liking so-called “chick flicks”, films full of human drama that are supposed to be aimed at the ladies.

It’s not all my fault. One of the great contributors to my newfound disease is Dame Helen Mirren. You’ve got to admit, that is one HECK of a contributor! Just as great today as she was 50 years ago, and still a gorgeous woman to boot. One of the hottest film scenes, in my humble opinion, is in the movie RED. There stands Helen, in a white evening gown, flawless hair and makeup, blazing away with a fifty-calibre machine gun. Beautiful women competently handling heavy artillery is always a win in my book – no bimbos in bikinis frightened by a .22 semi-auto, thank you. Gimme Michele Rodriguez flying an attack helo in “Avatar” ANY day! (See, I do still appreciate war and action sci-fi films!)

So I guess I’m getting old. Human interaction is trying to replace rapid-fire action. I guess this means I’m finally … (sob) … growing up! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

OH, look, “Patton” is on later. World War Two, baby! Woohoo! 😀

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4 Responses to Gah! I’ve Got Chick Cancer!

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Oh, you’re a fallen man. Those sexy Amish women with their floor-length couch-upholstery dresses, and the sheer muslin hair-snoods are starting to get to you. 😉 😛

    • I really hate to say this, but the Amish women’s (and especially the teenage girls’ ) willingness to do heavy-duty and dirty work is FAR more impressive to me. The eldest daughter of the Amish family “up the hiill” (at the curve of our road by the post office, if you recall) absolutely LOVES to use a gas-powered weed whacker that I have trouble even lifting! I used to think my house would be the stronghold in a zombie apocalypse, but knowing how tough those ladies are, I’m heading up there if things go zed! 😀

      Besides, I’ve always had a thing for older women. And Helen Mirren is so dang good in everything she does. Try to catch “Calendar Girls”. It is a hugely hilarious yet touching (crap, there I go again!) movie about a bunch of (what most of the world would consider to be) “old broads” who do a nude calendar as a fund-raiser. It’s based on a true story, so yo get to learn a little bit of history, as well. “The Hundred-Foot Journey” inspired this post, and I’d recommend that highly as well. Her truly stellar role was as The Queen (yours officially, and mine by Anglophilia) in the movie “The Queen”. (Holy redundant repeatings, Batman!) She shows the human side of Queen Elizabeth during the whole circus surrounding Princess Diana’s death. (No, I am NOT a paid shill for Dame Mirren. I could think of a lot worse gigs, though! 😀 ) Basically, to steal from a mayonnaise company’s ad, “Bring out the Helen and bring out the best!” (Maybe a copyright lawsuit will get me a few more readers.)

      • Archon's Den says:

        Oh John. I understand your (enforced) respect for the flowers of Amish-hood. Our local Mennonite cousins are the same. Recently, at the Farmers’ Market, I watched Wonder Woman’s younger sister hand out (literally, with one hand) a large pumpkin, to a strapping young man – who then asked to borrow their dolly to transport it to his car.
        Dame Mirren is impressive. I have not seen either of the ‘REDS’ movies, although, now that we’re enrolled with Netflix, I may be able to remedy that. Another British Lady who impresses the Hell out of me, is Dame Judith (Judy) Dench. Her M character in the James Bond films, especially Skyfall, evoked shades of the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, only better-looking, and more human. 🙂

      • I know Meryl Steep looked the part of the Iron Lady, but I can’t help but wonder what spin Judy Dench would’ve put on the part. I really liked her in both of the “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” films (yeah, I know, more chick flicks). But Dame Dench is more of a cerebral act, just using force of character. Helen Mirren is willing to lie in the snow with a sniper rifle – that’s a level of commitment I find just a tad more impressive. Besides, even with her toughness of character, I just can’t picture Dame Dench standing in the middle of a rainy British road, looking ridiculously attractive as she holds a long-barreled sniper rifle. But hey – I adore Kylie Minogue, but I don’t think she could hold up a water pistol, little thing she is! (But when she can sing and look like that, who cares?!? 😀 )

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