I’m Gonna Burst! or, Fill In The Blank.

Those of you who have followed me for a while (all what, 2 or 3 of ya? You’re nuts, and I luvs ya all!) know I’m not big into sports, except for various forms of auto racing. You also know I think of baseball as a better (and safer) sedative than Ambien. You also know I’m a HUGE jonah, an albatross, the biggest jinx to any sports team I do happen to follow. A few years back, I rooted for England to win the World Cup, and they went down faster and in more flames than the Hindenburg!

But I’m also a proud Chicagoan, and since I was born on the … um …  not South Side, I feel a love for the … er … a certain team playing … uh …. a famous summer past-time. And here I am, proud as a peacock that the certain .. team that shall rename nameless has made it all the way to … well, where they haven’t been “since the year we dropped The Bomb on Japan”, as Steve Goodman once sang. I want to root for my … ah …. sports team playing at a certain venue named after a chewing gum maker. I want to see them win the … argh …. Big Game, and bring the trophy back to my beloved Windy City. But if I say their name, I’m scared to death I’ll curse them just like the guy with the … em …. cloven-hoofed animal of which species I am fond. So how the heck can I crow about their recent victory in the … oof … lead up to the big game, and cheer them to win the entire … yah! …. grouping of final games?

So here’s to my beloved … group of players of an unmentioned sport. They have already undone a losing streak since … grr … the year of VE and VJ day. Now onto overcoming a dry spell that has lasted … mmm …. since almost twice as long as I’ve been alive! Go get ’em, … uh …. my hometown not-Southside players of a massively sleep-inducing game!

Damn, I think I broke something. I better go check out the drug Cu … (Man, that was close!) cabinet – CABINET! (Crap, the next few weeks are gonna be HELL! 😀 )

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2 Responses to I’m Gonna Burst! or, Fill In The Blank.

  1. Archon's Den says:

    You really (almost) said that very well. Rah! Rah! Go, Cu..cumbers, Cu..ltists. 😯 😳

    • Dude, please! I don’t dare even mention the … er …. vegetation covered back vertical structure for fear of cursing them! It does make me wonder about a certain bar and restaurant named for the cloven-hoofed little devil that caused the curse (it was the source for the SNL “cheezborger” routine with Belushi). I suppose the owners could rename it to the “Hell Froze Over” bar and grill! 😀

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