Ich Bin Munchen./I Am Munich.

Grosse Gott. (Good God.) Here we go again. I’m trying to wade through the news glut from The Hairy Cheeto being officially nominated, and this pops up. Orlando, Istanbul, Nice, Paris, Brussels – it just goes on and on. Not to mention the horrors in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, South Sudan….

Set during the tribal warfare in 1990s Africa, a character in “Tears Of The Sun” blesses Bruce Willis’s character, who responds “God has left Africa”. Seeing what’s going on today, and what’s been going on in the last few years, I’m beginning to wonder if God hasn’t left Earth all together.

So I’ll just hope that Munich and her people can carry on through the terror and sadness of today. And I’ll throw a prayer in, too, though I wonder if anyone is listening….

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3 Responses to Ich Bin Munchen./I Am Munich.

  1. Archon's Den says:

    😦 😯 I have no words!

  2. This particular Munich shooting maybe shouldn’t be placed in a list of terror attacks, particularly not terrorist attacks by Islamists. It was a school shooting which took place after school. The perpetrator had been bullied, was a loner, and he had been reading up on school shootings an the Breivik massacre in Norway for the past year. If at all, it was also motivated by xenophobia because he targeted teenagers with non-German family background and identified himself with German nationalism/naziism online.

  3. By the way, here is the ü for München. 🙂

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