Je Suis Sans Voix./I Am Speechless.

Je suis Nice. Je suis France. Je suis navré. Je suis sans voix.

I am Nice. I am France. I am heartbroken. I am speechless.


Dieu bénisse la France et de veiller sur tous les siens ce soir.

God bless France and watch over all her people tonight.

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5 Responses to Je Suis Sans Voix./I Am Speechless.

    • Victory! I got you out of limbo. Don’t know why WordPress threw you there in the first place, silly sots.

      And on France’s own “France 24” news program, they actually reported that a number of wounded were taken to hospital by taxis, “some of the drivers didn’t charge their passengers in a show of kindness and support”.

      Some? SOME? You mean there were drivers charging wounded people for a trip to the hospital?!? And they can’t figure out why UBER is catching on so fast in France….

  1. Archon's Den says:

    It’s nice to see you out and about again. It is sad that it takes the death of a great person, or a horrible happening like Nice to bring you out. It is even sadder how often these things have been occurring. 😦

    • I had plans for a nice post on the 75th of the German Invasion of Russia in WW2. That got sidelined by my fixation over Brexit – what an insane disaster! Then we got hit by a 95 degree/80% humidity stretch, still going on, that keeps me running around the house trying to keep ancient A/Cs from overheating and draining dehumidifiers. How bad’s the humidity? Try a gallon and a half of drain water EVERY DAY. And that doesn’t include the “default” dehumidifier in the basement that just dumps into the drains. And just to top it off, one of our cats, Frosty, has been sick and is down to skin and bones. She seems to be getting better (hoping THAT isn’t wishful thinking), but she’s still dreadful thin.

      Who says life in the country is boring?

      • Archon's Den says:

        Oh dear??! I can’t say I’m sorry I asked, but I am sorry that you had all that to explain.
        As my wife, daughter, son, and many others, have found, posting on regular basis isn’t as easy as it seems. Blame it on a certain tank commander and Buckeye teacher. It’s best left to retired old farts like me, whose time is spent in the hobby of collecting the names of new doctors to visit.
        Post when you can, to let us know that things are at least all right at Casa Erickson. Unless she’s emailing you direct, BenzeKnees has disappeared, but there are others like me who brighten when we see proof of life from you. 😀

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