A Fitting Farewell to The Greatest.

I have never really been a sports fan as such
Never watched football or baseball, or boxing that much
But like everyone else, I knew of that great from Kentucky
And tonight I’m mourning the loss of Muhammad Ali.

He was known round the world, wherever you’d go
He was as famous in Moscow as in New Mexico
Even if they didn’t speak English, in their faces you’d see
That glimmer and that smile that said “Muhammad Ali”.

Though he refused to enlist in the Vietnam War,
He moved past any hatred to be greater than before.
From the great man Joe Frazier he took two out of three,
And once more became the greatest, that great man Ali.

The rest, they say, is history, going from win onto win.
Then his last and greatest fight with Parkison’s did begin.
It tore his body apart, but in his eyes you could still see,
That impish glimmer and grin of the world’s greatest, Ali.

But he was destined to lose his toughest and longest fight.
He left friends and family when he died late last night.
But his memory lives on – and so I’ll make one last plea.
Go to the link below to hear the tale of the great man – Muhammad Ali.

“Catch Me If You Can – The Muhammad Ali Song” from 1974.

(The copyright of the above song, and all rights, belong to its’ owner. I make no claims to it, and merely selected it from a Bing search page. Hope that’s enough of a CYA statement.)

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4 Responses to A Fitting Farewell to The Greatest.

  1. And now I just remembered that I wanted to add one more thought
    As his daughter tweeted about Ali’s health as his last battle he fought.
    Though his other organs lost function, he just would not admit defeat.
    For another thirty minutes, his great heart continued to beat.
    So whenever you’re asked “Who’s the greatest?”, I think we all can agree.
    In his fights in both life and death, it is STILL Muhammad Ali.

  2. Archon's Den says:

    Like you, I have little interest in sports, particularly boxing, but that was a great tribute to a great man. He was far from merely another dumb puncher. 😦

  3. rarasaur says:

    I went through and counted– I reference Ali more than any other “celebrity” throughout my blog. I liked his style, and I think he’d like this tribute. ❤

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