This Was SUPPOSED To Be A Good Day.

Today started with such promise. 63 years ago, a young Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen, leading to the longest reign of any British monarch, a period of (mostly) peace and prosperity following the devastation of two world wars. Also today, 33 Australian solders, killed during the Vietnam War, finally made their way back home to Oz. Maybe not the most giddily joyous of moments, but the relief and closure of years of agony for those family members awaiting the return of their brave sons, fathers, and husbands.

Then the day went south, and fast. A US Air Force Thunderbird F-16 crashed shortly after over-flying a graduating class at the Air Force Academy. The pilot did manage to eject safely, and no one on the ground was hurt. About the same time, a US Navy Blue Angels F/A-18 also crashed – this time, taking the pilot with it. This sad double-whammy has been magnified by the drowning of 3 soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas, with six of their fellow soldiers missing in the flooding down there.

What else can I say? Just hope and pray for the best for those missing soldiers in Texas. Hope and pray for their families, waiting and fearing what news may come. And if your skies are clear, look for 4 more shining stars in the darkness, as our brave souls go to their final reward.

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6 Responses to This Was SUPPOSED To Be A Good Day.

  1. tom says:

    Might be a good time to rethink the military doing air shows and barnstorming

    • Or to rethink their equipment. Those F-16s date back to the 70s, and the Navy doesn’t even fly Hornets anymore, they fly Super Hornets which (obviously, from the name) are bigger, heavier, and carry more stuff – and there’s not much of the airframes from the A/B series of Hornets that can be used on the E/F Super Hornets. We ain’t talking 25-uear-old Cavaliers here! 😉

  2. By the by, last count was 5 dead and 4 missing in the Texas tragedy, so they found 2 more dead, and aren’t holding out much hope for the last 4.

  3. Archon's Den says:

    My thoughts and condolences, if not prayers, go out to them. 😦

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