A Day to Remember.

Today has been an odd day. one of those days that leave me sad and happy, fearful and yet fearless for the future. Two notable events stand out.

First, it has been a year since the Charlie Hebdo magazine shootings in Paris. Though hardly an event to remember with joy, the strong outpouring of support following the terrible event can still warm even the most fear-frozen heart. A great retrospective of both photos and editorial cartoons has been posted on the site of the UK’s newspaper “The Independent”. Go to www.independent.co.uk – there’s a link on the main page on the left-hand side, down about 3/4 of a scroll. While some of the cartoons aren’t exactly PG-rated, all of them evoke a sense of hope out of the tragic event.

Second, last night was the Peoples’ Choice Award. While I don’t care for awards shows, there was a truly touching event. You may not know the “Fast and Furious” franchise, nor know who Vin Diesel or Paul Walker are. Paul died before the 7th and latest installment was finished, but despite this severe handicap, the film was finished, and last night won two awards. Vin Diesel accepted the awards, and that’s all I’m going to tell you. Just Google “Vin Diesel PCA Speech”, and watch the video. Even if you don’t know the actors or the characters they portray, you’ll see something truly wonderful. And if you are a fan of the series and the two men, as I am, grab a towel. You don’t have enough Kleenexes on hand, trust me – I bawled like a two-year-old, and I’ll admit that openly. And Vin does make a hint about at least three more films – the hope for us fans. For the rest of you, well, deal with it. (And please, PLEASE get a copy of the movie “Eight Below” with Paul Walker. If you subscribe to the theory that dogs are the best judges of character, then Paul Walker earned his halo and harp with zero effort.)

That’s it for now. Maybe when I get over the last month-long bout of killer migraines, I’ll give you my colour commentary from my first-row seats at an honest-to-God eviction. Yep, the rednecks across the drive are outta there, 5th group in 8-plus years. (Well, except for hubby, who’s been cooling his heels in jail since 1:30 a.m. on December 24th. Alcoholic wife-beater with a single digit IQ, his second trip to the slammer in 3 months. Who says country living is boring? 😀 )

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2 Responses to A Day to Remember.

  1. Archon's Den says:

    Welcome back – again, buddy. Where do you get to watch movies, over in the mighty city of Coshocton? 😛
    At least you’ll have some peace and quiet for a little while, except for the turnip trucks rumbling through. 😉

    • The movies come in via satellite. If I had to watch the “local” channels that come from Columbus, I’d go sane. (I figure it’s a circle – the sane go nuts, the nuts – when driven MORE nuts – go sane. Circle of life, and all that.)

      No turnip trucks, sorry. Think more … well, what the turnips grow in. And I do NOT mean dirt, either…. 😯 (Yep, that fresh country air – why do you think I keep my WW1 gas mask handy at all times? 😀 )

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