Shut Up, And Let’s Hear It From The Source!

As the terrible events unfold tonight in Paris, the cacophony has already begun. Different groups claiming responsibility, because “we punish unbelievers as Allah tells us!”.

Really? That kind of codswallop is the same as we hear from far-righters in this country who espouse killing abortion doctors. It’s the same twaddle in Myanmar that has Buddhist monks attacking Rohynga Muslims. (Rohinga? I’ve seen it both ways.) And it’s at the base of that old turmoil in Palestine/Israel, each side claiming they speak for their supreme being.

Here’s a novel idea. SHUT UP! Let God/Allah/Jehovah/Buddha or whoever you worship, speak for themselves. There is love for your fellow man (or woman, or alien in my case) aplenty in both Christ’s gospels and the Koran (Quran?). i can’t speak for the rest, but aren’t Buddhists supposed to be the epitome of chill? I’ve read a lot of books on various religions, including many pagan variations, and most of them have FAR more to say about getting along with your fellow being than in waging war on them. I’m tired of whackjobs telling me what plans the Supreme Being has for me. I don’t want to hear it at gunpoint, or over the blast 0f a bomb, or ducking incoming rocket or mortar fire. And for the ultimate bottom line – if you don’t want me blowing YOU up for whatever I believe, why can’t the same be true in reverse?

Sadly, I know my pleas will fall on logical ears (pointed or otherwise), and will never reach those who need to hear it most. But what a wonderful thought to end this horrific day with – don’t tell me what the big Somebody Else wants to tell me, let me get it straight from the source. It translates much better that way – and nobody has to die in the process.

And may the sunrise of Saturday wash the Parisian streets with the light and warmth of millions of caring souls sending prayers and best wishes from around the world, and may it let the whole world see that the evening of Friday the 13th was just a single, brief, sad nightmare, and that the weeks to come will overcome hate with love. Bon Noir!

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2 Responses to Shut Up, And Let’s Hear It From The Source!

  1. Elyse says:

    Well said, John.

  2. Archon's Den says:

    I prefer Amen, John, to Aww…Men!!! 😯

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