So Harper’s Oot, Eh?

A big win for the Liberals in Canada tonight. Can’t say I was a huge fan of the winner’s (Justin trudeau’s) father, but I think Justin will do well for Canada. I just really have only one huge, overwhelming, mind-blowing question:

In who’s effed-up mind was it a good idea to have Rob Ford, ex-Toronto mayor and crack-lover, stump for Harper? What’s the matter, they couldn’t get Charles Manson? 😯

Oh, and if Archon reads this, I still haven’t gotten that application form for Canadian citizenship from you. You know, just in case the Rob Fords of THIS country get into office next year…. 😉

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5 Responses to So Harper’s Oot, Eh?

  1. tom says:

    Style over Substance. I like it.

    • A Canadian with STYLE? I thought “Canadian style” meant that your plaid patterns matched. Or is it when you match the number of “eh”s per sentence to exactly 1/2 the number of words? 😀

      • tom says:

        I thought Peirre Trudeau was a Kennedy light. Now you tell me he just had matching flannel. No wonder bad boy Rob Ford is so popular. A man of the middle class like Joe Biden.

      • Aw, c’mon, who the heck would want to get high with Biden? Like dropping LSD with your great-uncle. Now Robbie, HE knows how to party! (Not when, or when to stop, but what the hey, “how” is always the first step to greatness. Problem is, I keep forgetting what the 2nd step is, I’m so stoned! 😀 )

  2. Archon's Den says:

    I’ll see if I can stir the bureaucrats, but you know the line about elephant sex.8O Don’t you? 😕

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