A Trip One-Way To The FAA.

I wish I could sweat. I’m too scared to sweat. Heck, I gotta keep reminding myself to breathe. What the heck are they gonna do to me? And is that dang clock going BACKWARDS?!?

“They’re ready fer ya!” Good God, he woulda scared my crapless if I wasn’t already at Pucker Factor 10. He’s 6-foot-5 tall, and just as wide at the shoulders. How the heck did he fit through the doorway? Well, I guess this is it….

The room is dark. I get the sense of several people, but all I can see is a single metal chair, under a spotlight. “Park it!” from the big guy. I barely reach the chair. my knees are jelly. What are they gonna do to me?

A disembodied voice speaks. “Mr. Erickson, you have been brought before this body to face severe charges, the most severe charges we can level. The facts have proven beyond doubt that you are guilty, and there is no – I repeat, NO – chance for mercy or parole. We have reviewed your case, and the only outcome is the following. You will be taken from this place, and delivered to your fate immediately. You have been found …..”

Oh crap, this is it. Somebody’s yelling “NO!” at the top of his lungs. It takes me some time to realise it’s me…

“GUILTY of all ten charges, and will heretofore bear the charge of “Crazy Cat Guy”. This concludes this meeting of Feline Adopters Anonymous. Remove him!”

The big guy drags me from the room, screaming and kicking the whole way…..

– – – – – – – – – –

Yes, from the above, you can conclude we’re up to 10 cats. Yep, a kitten literally ran INTO our house a couple months back, and decided to stay. He’s housebroken, but he wasn’t too well behaved, so that’s been entertaining me for the past weeks. That, and the gradual recovery of gigs – yes, GIGABYTES – of Email that got shipped to a different server without my being told. Fun. That’s also been consuming large amounts of my time, as well as putting away the winter climate control stuff and getting the summer stuff running. Ain’t no way this house could EVER be automatic (we don’t even have a thermostat), so the climate control computer is yours truly. REAL fun.

So I hope to see y’all soon on YOUR blogs. And maybe get back to you on mine. After all, now I HAVE to validate my credentials from the FAA… 😀

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2 Responses to A Trip One-Way To The FAA.

  1. tom says:

    You are in luck. We just found some spare space on the clintonmail.com server. Also the handle hrod17 is available for your email handle. About the cats, you are on your own as we already have our quota.

  2. Archon's Den says:

    So, I didn’t move quickly enough to adopt you, and a clowder of cats beat me to it. Our vet wonders why we have so many different names for each of our four. It’s because we can’t remember, and just yell whatever seems appropriate. How do you remember ten of them, you big soft-hearted sucker?? 😕 😆

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