A Horrible Day for Hamilton.

This was supposed to be a quick and light note, letting you all know I’m working my way back online following numerous technical problems (including not one, but two crashed laptops) and a number of home projects that kept me away from the blogosphere. Unfortunately, this post must take a sadder tone.

You’ve probably heard of the shooting of a Canadian soldier at their war memorial in Ottawa, just outside their Parliament building. The soldier, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. Why does that matter? The Argylls are the sister unit of my beloved adoptive Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, both serving out of the John Foote Armoury in downtown Hamilton. I’m not ashamed to say I’ve shed more than a tear or two since I heard that – I still think VERY fondly of the Rileys, remembering a herd of WW2 vets who took me out to lunch, their treat, simply because I had bothered to drive up from Chicago to see their little museum. The feeling of honoured veterans thinking I was worthy of such an honour is impossible to describe.

I don’t have the spirit to say much more, other than to wish the Canadian soldier wounded in Monday’s incident a full and speedy recovery, to give my condolences to the friends and families of both the soldier killed Monday and to Corporal Cirillo’s, and to let all my Canadian friends know that they are in my thoughts more than usual tonight.

As to my status, I still need to get Email working so I can actually reply to particular folks. I do want to give a HUGE shoutout to Archon, of Archon’s Den, for detouring from a Cleveland knife show to come hunt me down and give me a swift kick in the pants to get back online. Archon, message well received and understood – and if you ever drop in like that again, ya better know CPR, ’cause the shock of your visit dang near did me in! 😉

So hang in there, everybody. It may take a while for me to respond, but I’ll do my best. And thanks to all those who have missed me – Frank, ‘Rants, and Benzeknees in particular. It’s always nice to know that somebody out there misses me. Take care, all, see you soon!

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7 Responses to A Horrible Day for Hamilton.

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Good words from your heart to the Canadians! … and cheers to Archon for rattling the Erickson cage!!!!

    • Rattled my cage? He dang near blew my mind! (Or what’s left of it.) At least I knew you were coming when you dropped in – I suddenly have this stranger on my doorstep, the wife goes out to greet him, and comes back telling me I have a visitor, whereupon he steps in and introduces himself. Yes, and I believe he will corroborate this, I was actually struck speechless! 😀
      So …. whaddaya say we start agitating Benze to come down and see me? After all, if Archon can find me in the wilds of Ohio, she should be able to! (Um … that was NOT supposed to sound as demeaning towards Archon as it came out. Sorry, Archon – I’m more than a bit stoned tonight. But I still expect copies of those photos! 😉 )

      • aFrankAngle says:

        You seem normal … well, in terms of the Erickson baseline … so glad he verified your existence … now, maybe I can arrange a return visit.

  2. Elyse says:

    Glad you’re still kicking, John. So sad about the shootings in Ottawa.

  3. fasab says:

    Thoughtful words for our Canadian friends.

    But you “speechlesss”??? I find that difficult to process.

  4. Archon's Den says:

    Sorry for the delay, John. Like you and your electronic exile, we are working to return to our post-trip abnormal ‘normal’. Photos, and a thank-you email were waiting until you had dug yourself out, and were ready to clearly receive them. (Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.)

    My verification and description of your speechlessness is included in your segment of the trip saga, and will show up in a week or so. The preceding episode will detail for Benze, exactly how not to let GPS get her lost.

    We were pleased that both of you were home for our unannounced visit, and honored that you would give us so much of your time and attention. I too, was almost speechless, but had time to psyche myself almost over it. Welcome back! 😆

  5. benzeknees says:

    This has been a particularly rough time for a lot of us John – it was heartbreaking to see terrorism visit our capital. Not very long after this we received word hubby’s godmother was on death’s door & we made an emergency trip to Wpg. to make sure we saw her (& maybe attend her funeral) but she held on till Nov. 1.
    Sorry it took me so long to reply here buddy, glad to hear you’re alive & well(?)! I had read Archon’s account of his dropping in on you, so I knew you were around.
    Hope you had a Merry Christmas & a very Happy New Year!

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