Open For Business at Company For Christmas.

If any of you lovely people would like to chat, you can drop by C4C and find me at the page:

Or just look under active chats on the homepage of Company For Christmas.

Hope everybody’s having a Merry, Happy, or Joyous whatever. Even if it’s just “Hump Day – Yeh!” 😀

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11 Responses to Open For Business at Company For Christmas.

  1. huntmode says:

    Found you! LIking and Following. Grin. Merry Christmas! Best ~ HuntMode

  2. Alice Keys says:

    Hey “windy city boy lost in rural ohio”. I’m “rural ohio lost on the french riviera”. I followed you over from C4C a day late to look around.

    • Wow! I can think of a LOT worse places to be lost than the Riviera! All the history, within a short hop of Monaco for the Grand Prix (yeah, I’m one of those gearhead/petrolhead types), great access to fine food and finer wines (not that I drink wine). Sadly enough, “culture” around here is the band Phil Dirt and the Dozers performing at the county fair! (Though we are technically a TWO horse town, even if the town hall is the size of 2 phone booths back to back. 😯 )
      And I have no idea why I’m babbling, so I’ll say “Welcome!” and then shut up for a bit. 😀

      • Alice Keys says:

        Funny! Yes. I can think of a lot worse places to be lost than the French Riviera as well. And I’ve been lost in many of them.

        We haven’t made it to Monaco yet. Heck. We haven’t even made it to Nice yet. We’re waiting on the kids’ renewed passports before we explore the Italian Riviera. They don’t check them at the border but why push our luck? The passport renewal process got us into Marseille, at least. I’m not so much into cities.

        I grew up in “Outville” Ohio. Really that’s the name. I remember the “Millersport Sweet corn Queen” competition. I wasn’t in it. The winnner had sort of a miss Piggy nose and twirled a baton.

        There I go babbling, too. Welcome yourself.
        Happy New Year.

      • Aha! A Pataskalite …. Pataskalan … a suburban Columbus resident! We’re a few miles outside of Coshocton, head ENE from Outville on 16, then head outta Coshocton on 93. Just down from Pearl Valley Cheese, if you ever got out that way. (We owe our sewers to them – don’t ask. 😉 ) I have GOT to get a photo of our little town’s Town Hall (Fresno). It is, seriously, a brick building the size of two portapotties back to back. We have no government. Our town’s industry is the Post Office. And I’ve been here 6 years and am SO far into concrete withdrawal that I often go out into our back yard and lay facedown on the sidewalk. I’m just about ready to buy an old bus and just leave it idling in the yard – this fresh air is KILLING me! 😀
        The Schengen (I think that’s the spelling) Treaty should allow you to go petty much anywhere in Europe, all the way over to Romania and Bulgaria. Not sure about the UK – they’re trying to be in the EU without actually BEING in the EU. (I love ’em!) Not sure about the traveling, though – you’re liable to wind up in a country striking against austerity and end up being trapped for a week or two! (If you ever get stuck in Greece, let me know, my wife has friends there. I can probably get you out of any Southern or Western European country if you get stuck, too – you’d be amazed the number of people I’ve gotten to know across the world!)
        Jeez, what is it with you and me? I just met ya, and I write more to you than folk I’ve known for years! I have a feeling this might be the start of a VERY verbose friendship! 😉
        Happy Boxing Day!

  3. Archon's Den says:

    Late again?! I’m sure I’ll hold up my own funeral. Didn’t get over to C4C, but you done a good job of supporting it.

    What, lost again?? I got your back – and your GPS co-ordinates. Your Christmas gift may be a little late too. I sent ten pounds of concrete by FedEx. 😀

    • Um … am I lost? Or are you referring to the decision to change “Company For Christmas” to “Come For Company”? Don’t blame me, it was the management’s fault – I’m jut a spoke in a great big wheel, a tiny blade of grass in a great big field. 😉
      My present is coming by Fed Ex? Oh good – something to look forward to at Easter ….. 2015 …. 😀

      • Archon's Den says:

        You told HuntMode, above, that you were glad someone knew where you were, and couldn’t usually place yourself within a couple of miles.

        In your section of Uptown USA, do they put the FedEx logo on the Amish wagon, or on the horse? 😕

      • They put the logo on rear-wheel drive trucks, then wonder why their drivers take an hour and a half to go 4 miles down a dirt (more like slick mud) road….. 🙄

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