Hello, and a Goodbye.

Sorry for my absence, which will have to continue for a bit. We finally got the idiot neighbors across the drive out (they moved out the day I got really sick – I’ll let you come up with jokes about throwing up bad stuff! 😉 ), then the good neighbors on the other side moved out. The boyfriend/not-hubby works at a local dairy farm, and the boss liked his work so much, he’s renting them a house, on the farm grounds, for $300 – for a big, 3-bed 2-bath house. Heck of a Christmas bonus! We’re trying to get  a friend of ours moved into their now-empty house, so with all that confusion, plus a HUGE load of firewood I need to box, haul into the basement, and unload down there, I got a lot of around-the-house stuff to do. Never fear, I shall return … eventually.

I feel I should write something about the passing of Paul Walker, he of the “Fast and Furious” fame. I never met the man, nor any of his co-stars. But I have spent enough time around Hollywood folk to have an idea of what they are REALLY saying in their public announcements. Mr. Walker died during a fund-raiser for the Philippines, using his star-power to raise money for those still suffering from Typhoon Haiyan. I’ve read the statements from Vin Diesel and Jordana Brewster, two of his co-stars, and saw a third co-star, Tyrese Gibbons, visibly moved beyond tears as he went to add his own token to the growing  memorial at the site of the crash.  It is rare for a star of an ensemble cast to generate such strong, and universal, feelings without some negative sniping somewhere. The outpouring of heartfelt statements (Vin Diesel called Paul “my brother”) shows that he was a true friend, loved by most (if not all) of those he worked with. So I will simply add my own condolences, to his family and friends and fans, and express my own sorrow at his passing. He brought joy and delight to so many millions of people, myself included, and remained a decent person in the process. And in the end, can any of us ask for a better epitaph?

I’ll see y’all in a few days, for my December 7th tribute.

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7 Responses to Hello, and a Goodbye.

  1. aFrankAngle says:

    Hang in there John! Hope your December 7th includes the pilot with many successful kamikaze missions.

  2. benzeknees says:

    You have had a lot of goodbyes lately. I have not understood all this outpouring for Paul Walker because I had never heard of him, but your explanation makes this a little clearer. Dec. 7th? Are you having a birthday like Guaps & me?

    • I never followed Paul Walker’s career that closely – as a gearhead/petrolhead, I thoroughly enjoyed the various “Fast and Furious” Movies, but only saw him in one other so-so offering. It was his quiet work behind the scenes, doing a great deal for charity, that I think has brought him so much to the fore. For a real insight into his generosity, Google “Paul Walker wedding ring”. A young military man and his bride-to-be were shopping for wedding bands, and happened upon Mr. Walker. They chatted briefly, got an autograph, mentioned the wedding rings they had looked at that they loved but were WAY too expensive (something like $30k each), and went on their way. A couple days later, the jeweller called them to tell them their rings were ready. Mr. Walker had sworn the jeweler to secrecy, but since it was after he passed, the jeweler revealed that Mr. Walker had gone straight into his shop, found the rings the couple had talked about, and bought them for them. How many Hollywood hotshots have you heard of that would do THAT? 🙂
      December 7 is the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack that got the US into WW2. Me, I turn 51 on the 22nd. So ya got a couple more weeks to get me that present! 😉

      • benzeknees says:

        I had to clear out a lot of my saved posts & comments to help my computer work better the same day I replied to this & I found the post I did for your birthday last year. I was just going to keep it quiet that I knew your birthday was on Dec.22.

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