G’day, Mates! Throw a Tweet On The Barbie!

Still working through my backlog of Email, but I hope to hit all your blogs within the next few days. Hang in there!

In the meantime, since I got this bully pulpit, I’m gonna use it. If you have a Twitter account, and want to learn a lot about the twists and turns of the global business picture (or just don’t use the bloody thing), please start to follow Aaron Heslehurst, the BBC Business reporter, at @bbcaaron. I love the guy – he’s outrageously funny (blame it on his Aussie roots), tremendously knowledgeable, a total airplane geek (his report on the first flight of the Boeing 787 bordered on the orgasmic) and most importantly of all, lagging behind his fellow BBC presenters with only a couple hundred followers. Let’s put him over 1,000 – or 10,000! Tell him @johnzenaru sent you – and feel free to annoy me with a tweet if you want. Just don’t expect too quick a response – you know how us old farts can’t make heads nor tails of all this new-fangled jim-crackery! 😉

See ya ’round the Intertubes!

EDIT: Aaron responded to me, and has challenged me to get him 10k followers. Let’s do it, people! 😀

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17 Responses to G’day, Mates! Throw a Tweet On The Barbie!

  1. Elyse says:

    Sorry John. I am not a twit. I don’t tweet.

  2. benzeknees says:

    Done! Also let him know you sent me! I am soooo happy to have you back.

    • It’s actually feeling good to be back, thanks for the welcome back. Now I’m just waiting for a tweet from Aaron that goes, roughly, “Just who the heck ARE you?!?”. THAT will be the prize. (Now where is that “evil grin” emoticon?)

  3. tom says:

    It was either Twitter or Moris Code. I opted for the latter.

  4. fasab says:

    OK, job done. Another 900 or so and your credibility is safe 🙂

    • Yeah, and I saw the tweet you sent. Are YOU gonna pay my bail, when the FBI comes a-knockin? 😉

      • fasab says:

        Bail? What makes you think you’re gonna get bail? Just do what the Armenian mafia does – make them an offer they can’t understand.
        Btw, along those lines, a promising looking new series just started The Blacklist, give it a try.

      • Oh yeah, I saw an ad for that – James Spader, Dr. Daniel Jackson from Stargate, the movie (as opposed to the Stargate series). I’ll see if I can catch it, long as it doesn’t compete with any of my car building or blowing-stuff-up shows. 😀
        Armenian, eh? I was leaning more towards Quebecois, convince the US government they want a nuke, then let the US Army clean ’em out. Leave lotsa prime, cheap real estate not too far from my homies in Ontario! 😉

  5. gpcox says:

    Here’s 2 more e-mails for you to catch up on and it’s not going to stop.

    • Hey, from you, any Email is a gem in waiting. You even have your own folder in my Inbox! So you keep churning out the good stuff – and maybe, if you’re REAL nice to me, I’ll turn my PR talents onto your site, once I get Mr. Heslehurst a few dozen more readers! 😀

  6. aFrankAngle says:

    Ah ha … the truth is out that you are favoring Twitter over blogging! Meanwhile, I’m in the same boat as Elyse.

    • No way, Frank – Twitter confuses the heck outta me! I’m just shilling for a really cool guy, who was nice enough to write back and thank me for my efforts on his behalf. Who knows – we’ve started an Email conversation, maybe one of these days you’ll tune into BBC America and hear me mentioned! (Hey, a guy can dream, right? 😉 )

  7. Archon's Den says:

    I’m stuck at the helm, while Frank and Elyse dance on the foredeck. No tweets shall pass these arthritic old fingers….Great idea though.

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