A Friday Quickie.

It has been brought to my attention that some of my loyal readers may be heading out of town, or otherwise unable to access my sterling prose. (Cough. 😉 ) Therefore, I thought I’d just post a quick note on a couple things.

First, yes, the Mayans screwed us over. Or the idiots that misinterpreted the Mayan calendar’s message screwed us over. Either way, the world spins merrily on. Therefore, I WILL have to post tomorrow. Rats. Ah well, c’est la vie.

Second, I will have a post tomorrow (see the point above). It is a multiple celebration of nuts. Let your imagination run wild, then return tomorrow and see if you were close.

And finally, for those (lucky) persons who won’t be able to stop by tomorrow, I would like to wish you and yours the absolute best for whatever holiday you choose to celebrate. Enjoy! 😀

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32 Responses to A Friday Quickie.

  1. El Guapo says:

    Well…I’ll just have to call stopping by tomorrow a different kind of luck…

    I will be wearing a long coat and gloves though. In case anything spills.

    • Um .. you haven’t been reading mccrabass’s tale of the feces-filled sock, have you? 😯
      Just make sure that coat is WARM – it is gettin’ COLD out there! (Not REALLY cold – that don’t hit til the temps go negative. But that wind could challenge some of the worst down the canyons of Chicago! 😀 )

      • El Guapo says:

        Ah, the feces sock. That was hilariously disturbing.
        I think I’ll wear a slicker over the wool coat.
        Just in case…

      • Yeah, I kinda thought I had hit the “weird” big leagues riding home, standing up, with Spock’s head under my arm. Seems they’ve moved the bar just a bit since I was last in the wacky Windy City. 😦

  2. julesagray says:

    Just say shit-filled—you’ll feel better and you’ll be FREE FREE FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!
    Peace, Love and Don Ho…

    • For some reason, all I can think of reading your comment is of Colin Firth as King George the 6th, shouting at his speech coach “shit, bugger, bugger, shit, damn …” and so forth. (I forget the actual procession. 😀 )
      Like I said to the big Guap, it seems they’ve been upping the “weird” ante since I was last in Chicago. 😦

  3. fasab says:

    Mayans my ass. what a waste of a day waiting for the world to end AND I’m gonna have to pay for all that Christmas stuff tomorrow after all 😦

  4. Deborah the Closet Monster says:

    I was about to say, “I’m looking forward to getting caught up on blogs!” Then it hit me that I’ll probably be too busy eating ice cream whilst wearing PJs and watching cartoons to bother with things like blogging.

    Oh, yeah, I am looking forward to this long weekend!

    • Well, since my life has been a long weekend since, oh, 2002, I don’t get as much benefit. But there should be some good marathons on. And ain’t it about time for Science Channel to run their “whichever holiday this is” marathon filler, Firefly? 😉

  5. Elyse says:

    I always thought the Mayans were nuts. They were more or less wiped out.

    Besides, MY calendar goes through December 31st. So if the world ends, it’ll happen while I have a champagne glass in my hand.

    • I have to admit, I couldn’t gather TOO much enthusiasm for the whole Apocalypse thing. After all, as the popular saying goes, “If the Mayans were so great at predicting things, there’d be more Mayans.”! 😀

  6. aFrankAngle says:

    I still holding out for until midnight Mayan time because mentioning tomorrow today is a bit weird.

  7. Archon's Den says:

    Granma Ladybug (ex BrainRants comments) is my darling better half. She says two/thirds. I say she don’t know math. Calls herself Granma, but she’s only got one grandkid, a young man with his first job. She’s always wanted a cute little granddaughter. How do you look in a tutu? If you ever get back up to visit your Rileys, we could share some adult beverages while Tami and Terri run us down and plot the takeover of the world, whilst sharing tea and scones. Conversely, we’ve attended a couple of knife shows in Zanesville. If we can ever afford to do that again, I’ll swing by and pick you up. That’s where the three-ended bridge is. Have you ever seen it? How’s this for taking over a site, eh?

    • LOL. 😀 Wow, where to start? Let’s see. Bad (REALLY bad), yes, not bad, and you need a few more “eh”s, or the Royal Canadian Dialogue Police are going to take away your Canadian License – the one that lets you speak the Queen’s English, as long as you throw enough “eh”s into the mix. 😉
      Our getting up to Canada looks HIGHLY doubtful – the finances are tighter than Britney Spear’s jeans. 😯 You getting down here would work better – we’re about 90 minutes north of Zanesville, so we could rendezvous down by you. Far more civilisation down Z-ville’s way than up here.
      And I had no idea she was your wife – but can I still keep her as my Granma? That’d make you my Granpa! I never had one before. Hi, Gramps! (Ducks under table.) 😀

  8. unfetteredbs says:

    mmm celebration of nuts eh? sounds very intriguing.. now I need to go over mccrabass and see what all the shit is about

  9. benzeknees says:

    Are pigs flying? Your comments are longer than your post?

  10. mobius faith says:

    Thanks for the quickie. I enjoyed it. Good to see you here on the other side.

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