Friday Miscellany.

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the shootings at the school in Connecticut. I won’t add much to this debate, save this. A friend or two have talked about banning all guns. I own five myself, but only for re-enacting purposes, and have never put live rounds in them. It isn’t fair to keep me from having these weapons, and I did go through a full background check to get them. Which brings up my other point – Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the land, yet they are leading the nation in murders. Local laws don’t work – ask anybody who lives in Washington D.C. We need NATIONAL laws, and a reasonable debate over the 2nd Amendment without the NRA yelling “traitors!”. Okay, that’s my five minutes.

Another blogger (reached via Doggy’s World) put up an excellent post, which I will reference again, but put up here for others to use. It’s a campaign to get bloggers to sign up to be “Company for Christmas”, for others who have no family or friends to talk with on Christmas. I’ve been there, alone and feeling completely depressed while my wife is at work and all my friends are with their families. It STINKS. Bounce over there, if you have no major Christmas plans, and lend them a hand. Here’s the blog and the story:

Finally, there will be a new post from me on Sunday. My apologies for being rather absent, things have been kinda nuts around the old homestead. Hopefully, the New Year will bring a little more calm and allow me to annoy y’all on a much more regular basis.

Have a good Friday, and enjoy the weekend!

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20 Responses to Friday Miscellany.

  1. tom says:

    Can’t top what is already well said. It is always tempting to reach quickly for the easy fix, but the real solutions are so dificult and time consuming.

  2. benzeknees says:

    I don’t know what to say John – I can’t understand Americans fascination with owning guns. When you see what is going on in your country & around the world, how can you not realize guns are a problem? Gun registration is not the answer, we have that in Canada & it’s a big waste of time & money. It just created a lot of paperwork & if someone really wants to get a gun, they will get one. And besides, it’s not the people who register their guns who typically do the crimes with them. It’s the unlicensed guns & unlicensed people.
    I think we also need to address the sensationalism by the press on these shooting sprees. Sensationalism just makes unstable people who crave the attention, doing bigger things to get it. We need to cut down on the sensational news coverage & the availability of guns at the same time. One or the other alone will just not work.

    • It’s not that Americans don’t see the problem, it’s that we have co-existed with guns for so many years – not to mention the VERY potent pro-gun lobbies out there (yes, especially the NRA). We also have a stubborn streak of seeing the government as more enemy than ally, so unlike you Canadians, we aren’t as willing to give up any rights to our weapons. But I think the best START (and yes, it’s only the first of many steps) is to get some better laws on the books all across the country – for instance, limits on ammunition sales won’t interfere with hunters (I know, I’ve talked to several) but would help limit events like this.
      It’s an emotional issue, and one that’s defied far more clever people than I. All I can offer is that patchwork laws don’t work – I’ve seen that in Chicago. And a government decree won’t go down well either. What’s the answer that everybody will accept? If I knew that, I’d sell it for a couple hundred grand and blow town! I wish I could give you better answers, but this will just have to play out, and maybe when the emotions die down, we can all find something that works.

  3. Elyse says:

    Nobody needs an automatic weapon. Nobody. There is only one purpose for them.

    • Well, I’d add that many WW2 Armed Forces used both machine guns and sub-machine guns, but there are ways to use them in re-enacting that prevent them being used for live ammo. And other than that ONE exception? NO. You do NOT need an AK to hunt deer. If you need that many shots, you have a SERIOUS problem and should not own anything deadlier than a water pistol!

  4. El Guapo says:

    I agree that there needs to be better control of guns. I think a bigger deal is the attitude and approach towards them.
    I’ve fired guns and enjoyed it, but I also don’t think I’m responsible enough to own one – either keeping it safely out of the way all the time, or not reaching for it in a moment of insanity.
    They are too easy to use,with consequences that are potentially too far reaching.

    • Absolutely – the American mindset needs a shift. Thousands own guns everyday and don’t murder people. There must be a middle position, but we have to clear out our outdated mindsets and obstructionist groups.
      Well said, sir.

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    Unfortunately, a 5-minute national debate wouldn’t be enough … besides given that our high court has applied the Second Amendment to private ownership, I just can’t see a true debate hope happening.

    • We really do need to re-visit the 2nd Amendment. A rule written for a de-centralised government being threatened by a foreign power, and without a standing army to defend it, no longer applies. Yes, sane people SHOULD be allowed to own firearms – I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong to lose mine. But the glut of rapid-fire, large-magazine weapons is crazy.
      Unfortunately, there’s a LOT of money supporting no legislation. Let’s hope that maybe this time will be the last time we suffer through such a tragedy.

      • aFrankAngle says:

        Here’s something that many forget. Because of DC. vs. Heller, the chances of anything happening is someplace between slim and none.

      • The key point that (hopefully) would make people NOT use it is, it applies only to Federal “enclaves”, like D.C. It doesn’t rule on any state’s ability to legislate. But state-by-state doesn’t work, as can be seen in both D.C and my hometown, Chicago. Rules need to be NATION wide – otherwise, any idiot with a driver’s license (which is all some areas require for I.D.) can circumvent any city-wide or state law.
        It’s gonna be a hard row to hoe, however we try to get there. The point is to try.

  6. Banning is not the solution, when you ban thing you create black market.
    The is control and stop talking about the Second Amendment in terms of “rights”, that’s so convenient at times.

    I’ll throw a party on that C4C, I already received my volunteer invitation, we’ll see how it goes.

    • Agreed, my friend. The answer is in the middle, not in the wilderness of “everybody grab a gun” or “ban EVERYTHING”.
      I’m glad I found out about the “Company For Christmas”. Being alone on a holiday that’s slathered in “family-everything” sucks. Been there, done that, burned the dang T-shirt. I look forward to seeing you there!

  7. it should read The key is control

  8. It ain’t your fault, the computer is too stupid to keep up with your magnificent brilliance! 😉

  9. db designs says:

    In the spirit of “thought-full” dialogue, I humbly offer my personal take on this tragedy. In terms of guns – I got nothing… well I shouldn’t say that. I have more opinions than time but not so arrogant that I believe for an instant that any of them are solutions. Good luck with that.

    • Well, I didn’t really intend to start any debate. Then I went and shot off my mouth (pardon the pun), something you’ll find I’m tremendously adept at. But I would definitely urge you (and anyone else) to hop over to: and give her your two cents, or whatever you can spare. And don’t sell your ideas short – we NEED to talk this thing out, if we here in the States are EVER going to get a handle on this whole gun situation.
      And thank you VERY much for stopping by. Would it be horribly forward of me to ask which part of the Great White North you hail from? I am an adoptive member of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (Hamilton, ON), and have many Canadian friends and a great interest in all things Canadian.

      • db designs says:

        I’m from Vancouver, B.C. and as your neighbour I believe that what ever weeds grow in your yard WILL find their way into mine. We can build laws and fences and wrap them all up with patriotic attitude, but, we are still neighbours, we don’t even have a “street” between us; so we (Canada, in case you got lost in my metaphor) better be at least a small part of the conversation. I’ll go check out that web site, thanks.

      • I sincerely hope we can keep ALL our weeds in our own yard, but with the recent mall shooting in Toronto (I think?), I’m afraid we won’t be able to. And your country not only has some interesting regulatory laws, but also some penalties that deserve a good look from our political representatives. I hope you CAN play a part in leading us out of this wilderness of our own creation.
        And thank you VERY much for not only for stopping by, but for adding to the dialogue. I appreciate your insights.

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