THAT Expression.

You know THAT expression? The expression that’s half “what the heck did you just say?” and half “where’s my gun?”?

What The F*#k Is With You?

Yeah, THAT one.

Those of you who know me well, have probably seen that look reflected in your monitor. Well, I’VE seen that look, on a fellow car passenger’s face.

Allow me to explain. Growing up in Chicago, I got hooked on Star Trek, which ran on one of our local channels, WGN. A regular sponsor was a Ford dealer, Bert Weinman Ford, who used a (locally) iconic spokesman by the name of Linn Burton. Their tag line was “We are open Saturdays, and YES! We ARE open Sundays, at 3535 North (pause) Ashland Avenue. (Chicago had “blue laws” which kept a lot of businesses closed on Sundays, including car dealers. Somehow – and bear in mind, this is in Chicago – Bert Weinman convinced the City to allow him to be open on Sundays.) These commercials would play at least 3 or 4 times during one episode, and I watched Trek for years.

Fast forward to me being in college, riding around in a friend’s car.

You guessed it. The driver drove past Bert Weinman Ford, at 3535 North (pause) Ashland Avenue. And I wigged. I know I giggled at least twice, and I think I may even have squealed. It was just so …. cool, to see the actual place I had heard of for decades. And my buddy’s girlfriend – and my buddy, and the driver – all gave me THAT look. I tried to explain, but just like Star Trek and The Three Stooges, either you get it, or you don’t.

And now you know what I think about, when some local Columbus car dealer’s chintzy jingle goes past. Enjoy!

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21 Responses to THAT Expression.

  1. Good post. I get that look at least 23 times a day from family and random strangers. I know it well.

  2. benzeknees says:

    I’ve had it happen to me too when I’ve passed something I’ve seen only on TV. Especially if it’s somewhere out of town I have seen on a commercial! Big Trekkie fan here too John!

    • Cool, a fellow Trekkie! Yeah, it was utterly cool for me, but my friends just didn’t get it. And I have to plead that, except for family vacations, I wasn’t well traveled until after college, so I never thought I’d see the place. (Is that as lame as it sounds in my head? 😀 )

  3. aFrankAngle says:

    Good news is that I don’t get that look as much as I used to because my time within the masses is limited.

  4. whiteladyinthehood says:

    You are too funny, Erickson!

    • Oh, dear lady, you don’t know the half of it! There are SO many tales from hanging out with that crowd. The problem is, most would either violate my self-imposed PG-13 rating, or would terminate in lawsuits from a variety of government agencies! (I have one about a guy in a wheelchair we gamed with, but I think telling it would get me sentenced under the ADA!)

  5. julesagray says:

    I get that look whenever I take my clothes off in front of a man. Sigh.

  6. I get that look often.

    • And now you know why I love the blogging world – lotsa OTHER freaks out there! 😉 I think my best experience with “that look” was when I was riding the El (back in my sweet home Chicago) having just attended a Star Trek convention. I had bought a decanter done up as Spock’s head – not the usual bust, just the head. It was in a plastic bag, no packing material (hence the cheap price I paid), and the train was crowded, so I rode standing up. Some VERY gang-y black youths got on board, and a number of the VERY intimidated white folk moved out of the car (we weren’t in the greatest neighbourhood). The kids came up to a group of seats near me, doing their best to intimidate other folk, plopped down, then got a good look at what I was carrying under my arm. Yep -I got THAT look, and two stops later, THEY left the car! 😀
      Thanks for dropping by, and welcome!

      • hahahaha, that’s a good one.
        Now I’ll share my best experience.
        It was last December, almost a year go at our company’s christmas dinner. I had drank 2 too many bottles of lambrusco and my tongue had a mind of its own. Girls were debating on the table (drunk debate) about pro life vs pro choice, I don’t know what came up to me, I got up and said: “If I were a woman this (pointing to my belly) would a mass grave, I’d be the greatest slut ever”. Yes, I got that look, they still remember that comment and now that the dinner is approaching they keep asking if I would spit a gem like that again.

      • Oh, thank you for that – it was mag-NIF-icent! 😀 I always wanted to have those experiences drunk. My problems was, I became a morose philosopher when pickled. So much so, my college friends INSISTED I remained sober – they had a much better time that way! And it let me be the designated driver – in my clapped out 1973 Vega! (Insert maniacal laugh here.)

  7. tom says:

    “Sorry”, Cal Worthington

    • Okay, that one took a little research. Got ya! 😉
      By the by, not sure if you’ve seen the “Empire Carpets And” commercials? The carpets/flooring/blinds/everything else company, with the animated guy with glasses, and the phone number 800-588-2300? That’s a LOCAL Chicago company – the original song only covered the 588-2300 (area code 312), the animated guy is a very accurate animation of a REAL guy, and our cheesy Saturday afternoon monster-movie-playing UHF TV station (WFLD-TV, Ch. 32) had a host (“The Son Of Svengoolie”) who used to rag on them with various gag commercials. The first time I saw the Empire commercial play here on the Columbus stations, I almost lost it. Fortunately, my wife knew about them from the old days, so I managed to avoid THAT look! 😀

  8. Tori Nelson says:

    John, this post suddenly explained much of my childhood (and, um, current life). I always swat my face because I figured that was a Booger Stare. Turns out I’m just a weirdo 🙂

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