A Couple Of Thoughts.

I just wanted everyone to know, I haven’t forgotten about y’all. I’m working up a post for Sunday. Whether you call it Armistice Day, Veterans’ Day, or Remembrance Day, please stop by. As Lt. Colonel, later Lt. General, Harold G. “Hal” Moore once said, “Hate war but love the warrior”. There will be plenty of the latter, trust me.

I’ve been pondering the end of an era in China. Every ten years, the Communist Party changes some of the people in various positions of power. And this year brings a particularly significant shift in positions. We, here in the west, will lose a personage that granted a vast gift to us all. For when the music is over, and all the chairs have been switched, we will no longer be able to say:

“What’s the name of the President of China?” “Hu.” “The fellow who runs China.” “Hu.” “You know about foreign politics?” “Yeah!” “Then who’s the guy running China?” “Exactly!” πŸ˜€ *

With sincerest apologies to Abbott and Costello. See ya Sunday!

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22 Responses to A Couple Of Thoughts.

  1. Elyse says:

    Oh no! Hu’s gonna take his place?

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    I expect nothing but the best from you regarding the upcoming post.

    • And I shall try to live up to your highest expectations. Do you have a favourite country, other than the US? I will do my best to represent Britain and the Commonwealth, as well as Europe and points south and east, as well.

  3. fasab says:

    You reminded me of this (I’m going for the longest comment ever title!)

    George Bush: “Condoleeza! Nice to see you. What’s happening?”

    Condoleeza Rice: “Sir, I have the report here about the new leader of China.”

    George: “Great. Lay it on me.”

    Condoleeza: “‘Hu’ is the new leader of China.”

    George: “That’s what I want to know.”

    Condoleeza: “That’s what I’m telling you.”

    George: “That’s what I’m asking you. Who is the new leader of China?”

    Condoleeza: “Yes.”

    George: “I mean the fellow’s name.”

    Condoleeza: “Hu.”

    George: “The guy in China.”

    Condoleeza: “Hu.”

    George: “The new leader of China.”

    Condoleeza: “Hu.”

    George: “The Chinaman!”

    Condoleeza: “Hu is leading China.”

    George: “Now whaddya’ asking me for?”

    Condoleeza: “I’m telling you Hu is leading China.”

    George: “Well, I’m asking you. Who is leading China?”

    Condoleeza: “That’s the man’s name.”

    George: “That’s whose name?”

    Condoleeza: “Yes.”

    George: “Will you or will you not tell me the name of the new leader of China?”

    Condoleeza: “Yes, sir.”

    George: “Yassir? Yassir Arafat is in China? I thought he was in the Middle East.”

    Condoleeza: “That’s correct.”

    George: “Then who is in China?”

    Condoleeza: “Yes, sir.”

    George: “Yassir is in China?”

    Condoleeza: “No, sir.”

    George: “Then who is?”

    Condoleeza: “Yes, sir.”

    George: “Yassir?”

    Condoleeza: “No, sir.”

    George: “Look, Condoleeza. I need to know the name of the new leader of China. Get me the Secretary General of the U.N. on the phone.”

    Condoleeza: “Kofi?”

    George: “No, thanks.”

    Condoleeza: “You want Kofi?”

    George: “No.”

    Condoleeza: “You don’t want Kofi.”

    George: “No. But now that you mention it, I could use a glass of milk. And then get me the U.N.”

    Condoleeza: “Yes, sir.”

    George: “Not Yassir! The guy at the U.N.”

    Condoleeza: “Kofi?”

    George: “Milk! Will you please make the call?”

    Condoleeza: “And call who?”

    George: “Who is the guy at the U.N?”

    Condoleeza: “Hu is the guy in China.”

    George: “Will you stay out of China?!”

    Condoleeza: “Yes, sir.”

    George: “And stay out of the Middle East! Just get me the guy at the U.N.”

    Condoleeza: “Kofi.”

    George: “All right! With cream and two sugars. Now get on the phone.”

  4. Archon's Den says:

    I just put mine up, to spark some *think ahead*. I can hardly wait to see yours.

  5. Double groan! (gotta groan more than Elyse would….)

  6. Tori Nelson says:

    Baby groan (from Thomas), Man groan (from me!).

  7. tom says:

    And to think that we were holding a spot on the Politburo for you. never mind, Xi

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