A Quick Hasta Manana

For some reason, only WordPress is currently working on my Internet, so I’ll use this instead of my eternal-wait Email. My sky is turning PURPLE – yeah, not a great colour. And we have yet to even begin to see Sandy – that’ll hit tomorrow or Monday. So, it might be a while before you hear from me. No worries, we have plenty of food and wood for the furnace, so we’ll just hunker down and wait it out. And I got a LOT of oil lanterns, so we’re REALLY good there! 😉

See ya when I see ya!

UPDATE: I don’t see a delete function, so I’ll just say the weather bypassed us (for now) and the Internet folk got their stuff together – also for now. But still lotsa weather out there, so good luck to anybody out on the East Coast!

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16 Responses to A Quick Hasta Manana

  1. Elyse says:

    Well, I’m sure we here in NoVA will get your dose of Sandy. We have bathtubs filled with water, plenty of wood and food. We will survive! We’re tough. We won’t start whining until we can’t shower for 3 days …

    • Everything has been going fine so far, except the dang Internet. I wouldn’t worry too much normally, but I’m trying to extort reward points from Bing, and I.m trying to get the max points per 24 hours – which, with my Internet down or dead slow for the last 6 hours, is TOUGH! 🙂

  2. El Guapo says:

    Glad it worked out for you. I’m half hoping we get hit, just so I can enjoy being unplugged for a while…

  3. tom says:

    I can see the story board now “I survived The Big Sandy”. will make war stories seem tame in comparison.

    • Naw, my survival story goes back to the big snowstorm in Chicago, 1967. When we climbed out the 2nd story window ONTO the snow in the backyard! Oh, we had a GREAT network of tunnels dug, after my dad removed the back door (the only way to get out, other than the window), and then we watched it all melt some weeks later. 😦

  4. benzeknees says:

    Take care John! Do you have lots of batteries so you can listen to the radio? Or maybe a generator so you can watch TV? Please let us know when you come out the other side of Sandy!

    • No worries, we have a good supply of food, wood for heat, and (thanks to my manic collecting) a whole bunch of kerosene lanterns for light (and heat, a nice side effect). And tons of books, plus a rechargeable DVD player if I’m REALLY bored. We’re not expecting a whole lot of bad weather (just a lot of rainy cold weather), but we’re liable to lose power as a lot of our voltage is delivered from plants east of here, where they’re expecting a LOT more rough weather. I’ll let you guys know more late tomorrow – provided I can get online! 🙂

  5. aFrankAngle says:

    It appears your side of our state will get some effect, but hey … nothing like our east coast friends.

    • Yeah, it looks like the NY/NJ folks are really gonna have a rockin’ time. I’m gonna check in with the Padre – some yahoo (or yahoos) stole his pack while he was doing PT. Not much in it of high retail value, but the pack’s been with him since hos Iraq tours.I guess the asininity of civilian life really is reflected in the military… (sigh)

  6. Not fun! I’m clear on the other coast and can’t relate to hurricane-driven storms, but they scare me even from a distance. I have many loved ones on the east coast. Be safe!

    • I’ve never been through a hurricane, but saw the after effects when we used to vacation along the Gulf Coast. Fishing boats blown 20 miles inland? YEESH! So far all we’ve had is cold rain, but the winds are rising. My buddy in North Carolina says the worst is over down there, so I guess it’s NY/NJ’s turn. Good luck to your loved ones – the worst WE’LL get here is some power outages! (And Internet outages, but I’m gettin’ used to those! 😀 )

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