A Random Bit of Prose.

As I’ve said before, my muse is an unpredictable soul. While sitting here watching the second Ghost Rider movie, this popped into my head. Don’t blame me, somebody once told me I should just write “stream of conscience”. As you can see, my stream not only wanders, but is polluted with really weird stuff! 😀

Where do you turn,
When your blood starts to burn?
When your skin burns with Satan’s own flame?
How do you win
Against the demon within,
When you hear it screaming your name?

You hide from the light
And run through the night,
Praying that it stays inside.
But no matter how slow
Or fast you might go,
There just is nowehere to hide.

So you live day to day.
And each night you pray
That Evil never dares show.
You won’t know where you’ll go
When it finally does show.
Only the Ghost Rider will know.

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15 Responses to A Random Bit of Prose.

  1. is there a man in a mask at your door named Jason?

  2. Elyse says:

    I think you burned up all of your brain cells watching the first Ghost Ryder movie, John. There’s now nothing left!

    • Well, I didn’t start with that many grey cells, but the ones I did get are pretty tough little mothers. They’ve survived all my childhood pratfalls, two rounds of alcoholic poisoning, and enough painkillers to numb the whole of China! Unfortunately, I don’t think they’re gonna age well.

  3. whiteladyinthehood says:

    Well, you really have a poetic side. I’ve seen the first Ghost Rider (I do like Sam Elliott!).

    • Thanks! I have a whole bunch of stuff I wrote back in my twenties, I just haven’t been able to find the book they’re in. Maybe one off these days I’ll get lucky – and then you guys can get UNlucky! 😉

  4. tom says:

    You can enter the multi-tasker Hall of fame and have permanent permission to Text and Drive.

  5. benzeknees says:

    Just wanted to say thank you John for your offer of an “ear or an eye” on Mark’s blog. Unfortunately, I am right at a point in my life where I am having trouble working due to bladder, bowel & pain issues while at the same time I am having trouble convincing the medicos I am too sick to work. So I’m in limbo which just makes everything I am dealing with right now a little harder. Add to it, financial strain & hubby wanting me to return to work to help out financially while I’m afraid to try again because of my super embarrassing health issues. Normally, I’m a lot more light-hearted (if you’ve seen my blog I try to deal with my issues with humor), just having a bit of a low few days. I promise I will be up again soon! Thank you so much for your offer – I have been following your comments via The Idiot & Brain Rants for a while & now you have a blog of your own I hit the follow button today!

    • Thanks so much for dropping by. And please know that you can contact me or not, it’s all up to you. I’ve been through a VERY small amount of similar nonsense as yours, so I do have a little bit of insight into the whole “too sick to work, but it doesn’t show” world. As I said, if you need me, I’m here, two ears, no waiting. 😉
      I will stop by your blog later, and return the favour – first, I gotta go batten down the hatches before my dang HOUSE blows away! 😀

  6. aFrankAngle says:

    I don’t know anything about Ghost Rider … then again, you could become a Ghost Writer.

  7. El Guapo says:

    I wonder – is this the result of watching the movie, or watching hte movie while eating spicy food?

    • Sorry, no dude, food … er … no food, dude. Just my usual, bizarrely-firing neurons at work.
      You know, my wife and I were chatting last night (I forget what about – that’s the goldfish-short memory at work), and I made the comment that I had been zapped with 110v wall current so many times, you could screw me into a lamp socket and I’d light up our entire town for a year. Think that might have something to do with my .. “unusual” creations? 😉

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