A Quick Heads-Up, And Love For Big Flo.

If you get the Discovery Channel, I highly recommend the program re-running tonight at 7pm Eastern time. The series “Curiosity” purposefully crashed a Boeing 727 in the Mexican desert to show what happens in an airplane crash. It is fascinating science, some great aviation shots, and intriguing drama as so many things go wrong and have to be set right in order to make the crash work.

And be sure to give a silent “thank you” to the poor old Boeing 727, dubbed “Big Flo”, that gives its’ life to the cause.

Boeing 727 “Big Flo” Just Before Crash
Image from http://www.Scoop.it/D-FENS

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21 Responses to A Quick Heads-Up, And Love For Big Flo.

  1. Elyse says:

    Thanks, John. MY John is an airplane nut so he’ll enjoy this. Me, I’ll be in another part of the house.

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    I may have to DVR it if it is on late night.

  3. julesagray says:

    I hate Big Flo. She’s been a part of my life for years and it’s time she crashed and burned in the desert.

    • I assume you mean you’ve been on a lot of airplanes – ’cause if you knew Flo personally, I’d love to learn about her! I actually don’t think I ever caught a 727. I’ve been on just about every other Boeing product up through the 747, as well as both a DC-10 and L-1011, but I stopped flying before the new 757 through 787. I think I might have actually set foot on an early Airbus, too, but I’m a Boeing boy through and through. And ya gotta spare a LITTLE love for Big Flo, she gives her life to improve safety. No matter how miserable planes have been to you, that at least deserves a little respect, no? 😉

  4. Whoa, must have just missed this! My husband is an airplane nut, he’s pretty much obsessed.

    • I think it debuted last Sunday (3 days ago), and like I said to Frank, they’re sure to run it again and again and again. And if you don’t have the channel already, get hubby the Military Channel. Worth it just for their Great Planes series alone.
      Besides, if I keep collecting people with an interest in planes and aviation history, I’m considering moving in with Frank and running daily tours through the USAF Museum in Dayton! 😀

  5. tom says:

    I will set my Hopper. But wait, I don’t have cable or satalitte. Drat, I thought Jersey Shore was the best that cable had to offer.

  6. You never flew in a 727, John?? Picture sitting in a Honda Civic, except in the sky. That’s kind of what it was like.

  7. I have the Discovery Channel but because it’s on Eastern European time, I can never quite figure out when to watch. So I missed it.
    Did they reveal where in the aircraft the safest seat is? I am always wondering that when boarding the plane, especially when flying with these low-cost airlines where you can just grab and pick a seat (like it used to be the case in cinemas).

    • Wilkommen, meine freund! (I think that’s right.) Well, if you’re on a 727 that crashes into the desert and breaks its’ nose off, the far back! Otherwise, nothing REALLY definitive – they’ve still got a lot of data to crunch, as they had a number of automobile-type crash test dummies on board. In general, you’re safer further back, because the nose and especially the nose gear are liable to get into trouble first. Over the wing is fine IF you don’t have a fire in one of the engines, otherwise, you are (quite literally) toast. Overall, I would say First Class is actually the worst – quite the irony, no? 😀

      • Andreas Moser says:

        That’s kind of bad because I always had the impression that in the far back you have more sideways swings and you get sick quicker. I guess I will have to tolerate that for an increased chance of survival.

  8. El Guapo says:

    Hmm…I’ll have to youtube that…

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